During the isolation period in Spain was born a new brand of vegan cosmetics

В период изоляции в Испании родилась новая марка веганской косметики

Pandemic, unfortunately, destroyed the plans of many companies, but there are brands that were born during the isolation period and is now gaining momentum, ready to surprise the market. An example of such a birth in the period of crisis can boast of a brand of vegan cosmetics for curly hair Rulls from Valencia, which promises to acquaint the consumers with a revolutionary natural care for curly hair. Now the natural is becoming a fashion trend, so the owner of curly hair, which used special irons and straightening tools, the preference for preserving the beauty of their curls. Founder of the brand Rulls Diana Montesinos, being the owner of this type of hair, she searched in Spain suitable means with natural eco-friendly composition, but, faced with the difficulties of the search, decided to create their own brand. She studied method hair care Curly Girl, which appeared in America a few years ago, which is based on the removal from the care of sulphates, silicones and drying hair ingredients. He also relies on a more natural and environmentally friendly ingredients, noted by the media of Spain.

Diana returned from Madrid to his native Valencia, to implement their ideas. The first products were developed in April of this year in one of the rooms of her own home, but in the summer the office of the brand moved to a small working space. Yet in selling out only two products (conditioner and fixing gel), but it is planned to develop a whole line. Both products contain aloe Vera extract, avocado oil, jojoba and argan as the main ingredients. In their composition, will not find sulfates, silicones and mineral oil. In addition, the brand is based on the concept of eco-friendly, use recyclable packaging and not tested on animals.