During the protests in Iraq on Thursday killed 13 people

Во время протестов в Ираке в четверг погибли 13 человек

During the Iraq protests on 7 November, killing 13 people. Militiamen opened fire on protesters in the city of Basra, as clashes occurred in the capital Baghdad. It is reported Aljazeera.

It is known that the Iraqi security forces shot dead at least six protesters in Baghdad and opened fire on the protesters staged a sit-in protest in the city of Basra, resulting in the deaths of seven activists.

Another 35 people were injured in the state capital during clashes near Shuhada bridge.

Recall that the protests in Iraq began on 1 October. In the beginning unhappy and demanded from the authorities to pay attention to youth unemployment and corruption, but then began to sound requirements about scrapping the current Iraqi political system. The protesters are calling for the revision of the political system created after the U.S. invasion in 2003, accusing the government and the major political parties of corruption and incompetence. Since the start of protests more than 260 people have been killed and thousands injured. The majority of deaths occurred within the first week of demonstrations, when snipers shot at the crowds from the roofs of Baghdad.

Во время протестов в Ираке в четверг погибли 13 человек