Durnev criticized Andrey Shabanov

Дурнев раскритиковал Андрея Шабанова

Alexey Durnev criticized Andrey Shabanov in a new release of its show.

In the new edition of his YouTube show “Durnev looks storis” Alex is not neglected by the profiles of the stars of Ukrainian show business. Heroes of the program were Elena Filonova, Irina, Slunko, Vladimir Ostapchuk, the controversial blogger Anna Alhim and many others.

Among others, were in issue and Andrey Shabanov. In their storis Andrew captured the erotic dancing presenter Lesya Nikityuk. His reaction to the dance Lesi seemed to Alexey ridiculous.

Separated and Nikolay Tishchenko. For the musical award YUNA Nicholas was to announce the contest. But apparently something went wrong. Nicholas very long to announce the winner, which caused laughter and caustic jokes Alexey Durnev.