Durov promises in March to launch a cryptocurrency

Дуров обещает в марте запустить криптовалюту

New product in the form of cryptocurrency for all the founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov promises to present in March of this year, according to The Bell.

The publication claims that within a month will be organized consultations with all major investors of the new program, under which they provided $1.7 billion.

TON (Telegram Open Network) will be integrated in the Telegram messenger, and all users will have access to cryptographic purse Telegram. Transaction data will be distributed through the P2P network Protocol TON, and the protection of information technology will provide a TON of Proxy.

Durov and his team stated that the blockchain platform TON ready on 90%. According to them, it will take another 2-3 months to finalize, due to the “innovative nature of the development”. More details about the platform should appear in February.

In January, promised to launch a test network Testnet order in February to conduct audit and to begin work platform “Mainnet” in March.

According to TechCrunch, the TON should be four main services:

TON Services is committed to the use of decentralized applications and smart contracts.

TON DNS will provide the human-readable name of the smart contracts and network nodes.

Platform TON Payments – for payments, which will transmit information about transactions between people, bots and other services.

According to reports, TON BlockChain has a high speed of generation units that retain a low Commission per transaction, even with the popularity of the service.

Recall that the launch of the built-in messenger cryptocurrency Durov was planned a year ago – was called the period of March 2018. The first source of information about coins in the Telegram was a former employee of the service Telegra.ph Anton Rosenberg. He wrote the relevant post in December 2017.

Durov has repeatedly stressed that cryptocurrency is the future of the world economy. In his opinion, all the crypto community today is concentrated in the Telegram.