Dynamo beat Shakhtar won the Ukrainian super Cup: video

"Динамо" обыграло "Шахтер" и выиграло Суперкубок Украины: видео

In the match between “Dynamo” and “Shakhtar” for the super Cup of Ukraine in Odessa on Sunday, July 28, the Pitmen went in front in added first-half injury time. But the “Dynamo” in three minutes managed to score twice and win the trophy.

Dynamo — Shakhtar 2:1
Goals: Burda, 80, Garmash, 82 — Alan Patrick, 45+3

It was the 16th match for the Supercup of Ukraine. All the previous trophies won “Dynamo” and “Shakhtar” – seven in Kiev and Shakhtar have eight. Therefore, the “Dynamo” in case of victory, were compared with the Pitmen on this indicator. As well as number of trophies at the time of Independence. Before this match Shakhtar had 34, and a Dynamo 33.

In addition, the coaches of Shakhtar Mircea Lucescu and Paulo Fonseca lost “Dynamo” in their debut game. This was the match for the Supercup of Ukraine. This time Shakhtar debuted luís Castro.

Regarding teams “Dynamo” and “Shakhtar” came out in predictable compositions. Dynamo debuted caravan, which was replaced on the flank of the injured Tsygankov. Shakhtar are the appearance of Solomon from the first minute.

Already at 6 minutes, Shakhtar could go forward. Marlos received the ball on the corner of the field and decided to strike long-range strike. He punched under the crossbar, but quickly leaps to reach the ball.

Dynamo answered it already in the middle of the half. Protection of Shakhtar made a mistake near his own penalty area. All ended with a Bang Verbicha. But the midfielder hit the back of the opponent.

Then a dangerous shot Besedin. Was aiming at the top corner of the goal. However, Pyatov played pretty reliable catching the ball. At the opposite goal dangerous beat Tyson. Tried to throw the ball back smartly, but the goalkeeper again tipped it out of bounds.

When it seemed that the first half will end without a goal, Shakhtar took the lead. After a corner kick Besedin unsuccessfully knocked the ball. The right place was ran by Alan Patrick. Brazilian touch powerfully struck into the far corner.

The second half both teams were attacking. But reliable game mentioned goalkeepers. But Dynamo could claim a penalty when he hit Harmash in the penalty area. But the referee’s Novels ignored this episode.

All the match turned on his head in three minutes, between the 80th and the 82nd. Then Dynamo scored twice. First wash after a corner kick by head sent the ball to the opponents. And later Garmash successfully completed the attack, breaking through after a pass from the flank.

Shakhtar tried to equalise, but his shot smartly to the team and failed. Therefore, the “Dinamo” wins and wins the super Cup of Ukraine.

Match highlights of the match Dynamo vs Shakhtar