“Dynamo” confidently beat “White bars” and “Dnepr” defeated “the Ice wolves” – 24 Channel

"Динамо" впевнено перемогло "Білий Барс", а "Дніпро" здолав "Крижаних Вовків" - 24 Канал

The Kharkiv “Dynamo” defeated the “White bars” in the match of the fifth round of the regular season of the Ukrainian hockey League. In a parallel match “Dnepr” on the road with the same score defeated the Ice wolves.

“Dinamo” – “White Bars” 4:1 (1:1; 1:0; 2:0)

Washer: 0:1 RAM (Foresters, Hrebenyk – more.), 5:02. 1: 1 Romashchenko (Maximenko, Matvienko), 18:36. 1: 2 Skrebel (Martyshko – more.), 26:14. 1: 3 Maksimenko (Matvienko, know more.), 44:40. 1: 4 Matvienko (Martyshko, Kobakov more.), 50:32

“Ice Wolves” – “Dnepr” 1:4 (1:2, 0:1, 0:1)

Washer: 0:1 Decalo (Kolyada, Bondarenko – more.), 02:25.1: 1 Frolenko (Mikulchik, Kruchinin – more.), 4:16. 1:2 Kolyada (Bondarenko, Belousov – more.), 15:50. 1:3 Kovalenko (Belousov – more.), 36:55. 1:4 Naydenov (Braga, Matseyko), 44:26

Already on 6-th minute the gate “Dynamo” Paul shook the RAM, having the most – this washer has remained the only one for “White Bars”. In the first period Ruslan Romashchenko equalized, and then three times Kharkiv has managed to realise numerical advantage: the puck of Cyril Kucera sent Valeriy Strebel, Ruslan Maksimenko and Philip Matvienko.

In the match between “Dnipro” and “Ice Wolves” in the beginning of the meeting, the two teams were able to implement the destruction of the opponent. First Kherson accurate shots Ilya Decalo opened the scoring, and then Cyril Frolenko evened the score. On 16 minutes captain “Dnepr” Nikolai Kolyada put his team in front.

In the second period, again removing played with the “Wolves” cruel joke, “Dnepr”, taking advantage of a mistake the owners – Nikita Kovalenko increased the gap to two goals. In the third period, the Wolves once again missed after a throw Alexander Naidenov.

Their next match MCC “Dinamo” will play October 4 against the “Donbass” and “White bars” on the same day will compete in the “Ice Wolves”. “Dnepr” will play October 3 in the away match against “Kremenchug”.

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