Dynamo defeated Zorya and climbed to second place in the championship: video

"Динамо" победило "Зарю" и поднялось на второе место в чемпионате: видео

"Динамо" победило "Зарю" и поднялось на второе место в чемпионате: видео

In the match between “Dynamo” and “Dawn” could decide the fate of the second place in the championship. Won Kiev, but they are still not guaranteed a silver medal.

Dynamo – Zorya 3:1

Goals: Tsygankov, 14, 34, Sidorchuk, 15 – Gromov 2

  • It was a match for second place. Team before the game separated by one point. “Dawn” was in second place, and “Dynamo” – the third. In case of defeat Dynamo Kyiv, the club would lose the opportunity to take second place.
  • The team this season played three times, winning one game each club one match ended in a draw.
  • For Zorya in this match were the fourth goalkeeper Dmitry Macapure. Nikita Shevchenko remained in reserve, and zauri Makharadze and Nikola vasilj is injured.

The beginning of the match was not the best for “Dinamo”. Zorya managed a quick attack, KENDZERA tried to clear the ball with a sliding tackle from under the feet of the opponent, but just pushed through it. This gift be used Gromov, who sold out to the gate Busana. This is the second goal striker this season. He also scored in the gate “Dynamo”.

To these problems was added the injury of Verbica. So for 10 minutes, Mickle had to do an emergency replacement on the left Rusin.

Effective passes Buyalsky

And already on 15-th minute Dynamo not only equalized, but also was found. Both goals involved Buyalsky. He gave the ball to Tsygankov, who is in-touch shot into the top corner. Macapure though, and threw up his hands, reacting to the shot, but the ball failed.

And in a minute after the goal Tsygankov scored Sidorchuk. The midfielder struck a powerful shot into the far corner.

The game continued on a collision course, and “dawn” even scored a goal. Gromov scored again after a corner kick. But before he brazenly pushed Karavaeva when applying. Later punched Kochergin – the rebound wide of the target. Once Kiev had saved Bowen.

The third goal against Zorya flew after hitting Tsygankov. Rusin received a pass on the course and took a shot. But it was blocked. The ball hung in the air in Zorya’s penalty area, and Tsygankov in the struggle a shot under the bar.

Dry second half

In the second half and injury problems in the “Dynamo” continued – instead of Burda came out of the priests.

Rusin “ruined” moment, if not managed how to dispose of the ball when the output of three to one. At the opposite goal to reduce the backlog in the account could Lunev, but he didn’t reach the ball after a shot Gromov.

Abu Hannah, who appeared in “Dawn”, even saved his team from conceding a goal. With the first stroke of Macapure handle, but the ball bounced to Buyalsky. Powerful shot by the midfielder, and the player of Zorya’s head knocked the ball almost to the goal line.

Dynamo wins and moves to second. The team is now two points ahead of “Dawn”. On Sunday, the Dynamo will play against “Kolos”. Luhansk will make “Gum”. Chernihiv team unexpectedly lost at home “Alexandria” and lost the opportunity to bypass the “Dawn” and climb to third place. Between both teams only two points difference.

Igor Sjenica

FC Zorya
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