Dynamo failed to beat Lugano in the match of Europa League: live

"Динамо" не сумело обыграть "Лугано" в матче Лиги Европы: видео

Kiev “Dynamo” in the match against Lugano on Thursday, October 3, failed to score. Therefore, to win the match. but it was very close to defeat.

Lugano – Dinamo 0:0

Dynamo not too successfully spent game against “Lugano”. And this despite the fact that the Swiss team played at a different stadium almost without the support of their own fans. And Affairs of the League “Lugano” are not the best. The last victory dates back to July 21, 2019 in the game against FC Zurich, after that was a Cup win over FC Concordia Basel 16 August. After this seven games without a win, four of which – the defeat. It is therefore logical to ninth place in the championship. At last, the tenth – not such a stranger for Dynamo “Tun”.

Kiev too sluggishly played in the first half. Rivals completely outplayed them. Although possession was more Dynamo, but the dangerous moments have arisen at their gates. In one of the attacks struck Gerndt. In another attack after his shot Busan hit the ball, but he soared into the air and head shot Carlinhos. “Dynamo” from a missed goal saved by the crossbar. Once the frame of the gate will come “Dynamo” at the end of the match.

Once again is Busan saved “Dynamo” after hitting Aratore. The striker shot towards the far corner, but the goalkeeper leaps to reach the ball.

Dynamo in the first half, showed virtually nothing. The only dangerous moment when sydorchuk strikes. The ball flew into the corner, but the goalkeeper Baumann was able to save his team.

Video of the best moments of the first half of the match Lugano – Dynamo

Some active guests played in the second half. The most dangerous were the attacks from Tsygankov. Especially after a pass from Mikolenko. But the header above the goal.

Often punched Verbic, but the sight of Slovenian midfielder has not been configured – always by. Rodrigues seems to be trying, but there was a lot of confusion in his game.

So the teams played a draw 0:0. “Dinamo” remains among the leaders of group B.