“Dynamo” in the super-heavy match won “Mariupol” thanks to a goal in added time: video

"Динамо" в сверхтяжелом матче победило "Мариуполь" благодаря голу в добавленное время: видео

Wednesday, 25 September, we held the postponed match between “Mariupol” and “the Dynamo” the match proved to be challenging with numerous chances for both teams. And all the match was decided by a single goal in injury time.

Mariupol – Dinamo 0:1

Goal: Verbic, 90+1

This match was supposed to play in mid-August. But the game was postponed to a later date because of the involvement of both teams in the European competitions. This is the third time the match between “Mariupol” and “Dynamo” carry.

The team started the game not too active, spending more time in the positional attacks. The result is not given. But after 15 minutes the hosts created a few chances when we could score. But first Churko after filing from Vakula punched his head from 10 metres, but past the gate. Topalov later went one on one on goal, but Boyko has time to play on the way out, fists knocking the ball from under the feet of the opponent. The penalty this time was not.

Only then Dynamo “woke up”. Active were Tsygankov, but Rodrigues did not reach the ball. Subsequently, the striker went on their opponents, but the goalkeeper saved. He saved “Mariupol” after hitting Verbicha. Overall in the first half, it Khudzhamov claimed the title of hero of the match.

The second time also has begun with attacks “the Dynamo” and confident game on the line of Khudzhamov’s goal. Given that the attack did not bring the necessary benefit, the head coach of “Dynamo” of Ukraine on 60 minutes, resorted to a double substitution – instead of the Rodrigues and de Fines came Besedin and Shepelev.

Dynamo continued to put pressure on the opponent. And when it wasn’t even saved by Khudzhamov, he came to the aid of partners. So, Jaworski drove the ball from the goal line after hitting Tsygankov.

“Mariupol” could score when Kornienko took the free kick. But the ball touched the players that were in the wall, and flew into the corner. Answer Dynamo – pass Verbicha, which no one has covered in the penalty area. But Slovenia were delivered with the ball and the moment was lost.

Only the “Dynamo” in the match struck 20 shots, 12 of which were on target. And blow already during added time the referee still gave the result. After filing Karavaeva from the flank to head the ball of Verbic. The ball from the lawn at last flew into the net.

Video of the match Mariupol — Dynamo

That is the only goal and decided the match. The “Mariupol” had the opportunity to equalise. But the corner came to nothing lead.

Dynamo wins and rises to third place in the standings of the Premier League. Mariupol remained in eighth place.