Dynamo lost with the score of 13:0, “White bars” sensationally defeated “Donbass”: video

In the Central match of the 30th round of the Ukrainian hockey League (UHL) “Donbass” lost on set “Leopard” 3:7. In the other match “Kremenchug” defeated at home “Dynamo” 13:0.

Donbass – White Leopard 3:7 (0:4, 1:1, 2:2)

The guests started with a quick goal in the 22nd second of the match and then forced the masters of three washers to change the goalkeeper with an experienced Goryachevskikh 19-year-old Kachulu. After 0:4 in the first period of “Donbass” began to play more in the opponent’s area, but our chances did not, and the deletion and positional errors this evening, the wards of Konstantin butsenko implemented almost perfectly.

The team scored three goals, but never did it in a row, always skipping after each of his goals. Duplicates in the “bars” on their accounts recorded the pews and Panchenko, and Good scored a hat-trick.

For the first time in the season, “White bars” won the representative of the top 3 in the regular time, even on the road. Previously, the team of Sergey Viter lost in the White Church, in overtime (2:3). It is noteworthy that this victory “leopards” happened immediately after this surprise home defeat against Ice wolves (1:2).

Donbas – White leopard video of the match

Kremenchug – Dynamo 13:0 (4:0, 3:0, 6:0)

Match, the home team started very confidently from Kharkiv imposing their game, not allowing them to go even in a rare attack on the gate of Vyacheslav Novitsky. Before the middle of the period it came to fruition – first Elm flashed Vladislav Vladislav Gritskikh, and 10 minutes later the second goal was scored by Ivan Savchenko.

Then the little Dynamo evened the game, and it seemed that for the first time the team will go with a minimum gap. However, two minutes before the first siren Nikolay Kiselev and Ivan Savchenko brought the score to 4:0 on the scoreboard and took a comfortable advantage for his team.

The second period repeated the events of the first “citizens” were attacked and “Dynamo” was forced to defend. Thus in the course of the second period with two goals scored Ivan Savchenko and goal scored by Nikolay Kiselev, making the score 7:0 and then clearing the question about the winner of the match.

In the final segment of the meeting, the owners only confirmed the status of the leader of the championship, having scored Kharkiv 6 washers.

Kremenchug – Dynamo video of the match