Dynamo – Rennes: video goals, match review November 8, 2018

Динамо - Ренн: відео голів, огляд матчу 8 листопада 2018

In the match between Kyiv Dynamo and French Rennes in the Europa League, the home team managed to come out ahead at the beginning of the meeting.

Accurate strike marked Verbs. The player who in this match has reached a position forward after a corner kick won the position at the near post and headed the ball into the goal Rennais.

Video goals Verbca against “Rennes”

Doubled the account, Mikolenko, who struck his head after filing with a penalty kick. This happened in the second half.

Video goals, Mikolenko against “Rennes”

And in a few moments the gate of the French team conceded the third goal. Distinguished Shaparenko, who for a moment had the point. And this time the midfielder beat the opponent and struck the PI far post past the goalkeeper.

Video goals Shaparenko

Rennes in this match was scored at the end of the game when he made a mistake defense “Dynamo”. Distinguished Sbaco.

Video Gol Stade Rennais FC in the Dynamo goal


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