“Dynamo” sensationally lost to “Spike”, but got the silver UPL: video

"Динамо" сенсационно проиграло "Колосу", но получило серебро УПЛ: видео

"Динамо" сенсационно проиграло "Колосу", но получило серебро УПЛ: видео

Kiev “Dynamo” in last round of the championship of Ukraine unexpectedly lost “Ear”. For a record ninth defeat in the same season, Dynamo almost flew past in the Champions League.

Ear – Dinamo 2:0

Goals: Lisenko, 54, Vilhjalmsson, 70 (p)

For Kiev the job for the match was simple – not to lose, reports 24 channel. In the case of obtaining at least one of the points, “Dynamo” guaranteed to itself silver medals of the championship of Ukraine and participation in the Champions League qualification.

To “Spike” the match had no tournament value, because the “ears” stuck in sixth place and will play in the playoffs of the Europa League.

Goalless start

Dynamo aggressive start to the match. The first half-chance was Rusin. After you pass the course Nazar entered the penalty area but failed to strike the accented blow.

Twice far shots put buialskyi: once Vitali punched above, and the second hit the post.

Far shot tried to score De Pena. The Uruguayan 27 minute expertly tamed the ball, ran a few yards and shot wide of the target.

In the middle of the half “spike” took the initiative and forced Dinamo to defend.

On 38 minutes, “farmers” broke up the best attack, which ended with dangerous blow of frost. The player in front of the penalty area cut inside and struck a Curling shot. Bowen did a beautiful salvation.

In a minute Busan second time saved “Dynamo”. Lysenko forgot in the punishment of Kiev: Vladimir tamed the ball and shot into the bottom corner. George was again on top.

“Dynamo” on the bold actions of the owners have answered with blow Tsygankov. Buyalsky has paid the penalty on the stroke of Victor and he struck into the hands of Volynets.

Shameful defeat

Immediately after the break goals from the hosts saved Wolyniec. Rusin has not met resistance of the defenders of the “Ear” and out of the penalty shot into the far corner. The goalkeeper stretched out like an arrow and parried the ball away.

On the 54th minute of the game “Dynamo” unexpectedly missed. Tsygankov in front of the penalty lost the ball. After that Lysenko received the cross from the flank and struck his head in the corner – 1:0.

“Dynamo” considerably became nervous and allowed the “Ear” to create another point. Orekhovskaya with an extremely dangerous position in front of the penalty area struck the crossbar.

On the 62nd minute KENDZERA “lit a candle” in the penalty “Ear”, after which the ball was in Tsygankov. Victor really close to the gate Volynets was in Buyalsky.

70 minute Kolos penalty: Shaparenko had a free-kick down Vilhjalmsson. Arnie himself confidently converted a penalty – 2:0.

In a parallel match “Zorya” played a draw 1: 1 with Desna, for the benefit of Dynamo. However, I conquered “dawn” and the defeat of the Kiev meant that Luhansk will be released in the Champions League.

A true masterpiece barely failed to create Kadiri. Footballer “Dynamo” has struck long-range strike, but Wolyniec pulled the ball from under the crossbar.

The main weapon of Kiev in the game were long shots, because with the combinations was extremely difficult. In the 79th minute strike from distance struck Tsitaishvili, however, precisely in the goalkeeper’s hands.

In the 88th minute a good chance to play at least one ball had De Pena. Carlos burst into the penalty area and broke the force precisely in the goalkeeper.

Despite the final onslaught of “Dynamo” did not even bother to goal and for the first time in history lost “to Ear”. Fortunately for Kiev, Zorya have not won in a parallel game. Thus, the “Dynamo” won the silver of the Premier League and will play in the Champions League qualification.

Ear – Dynamo video

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