Dynetics, and Lockheed are developing a laser weapon with a power of 100 kW

Dynetics, Lockheed Martin and other partner company was awarded a contract for $ 10 million for further development of the program a demonstration of the laser weapon with a power of 100 kilowatts in an armored vehicle.

Dynetics и Lockheed разрабатывают лазерное оружие мощностью 100 кВт

Lockheed announced the signing of a contract on Monday and said that a preliminary review of the project for this program is expected to begin in January 2019. Recently, the company completed the review of system requirements and technical framework update

“The program HEL TVD will play a crucial role for the military, while they protect our country. Dynetics, Lockheed Martin and our partners provide a safe and simple system of laser weapons with high energy, which crews can operate for many years and in different areas,” said Ronnie Chronister, Vice President, contracts at Dynetics, in a press release.

“We have assembled an advanced team that has the necessary knowledge to understand exactly what you need. We believe that our solution will be simple and will be the type of system, which would be preferable for the army,” said Chronister.

The laser will be installed on family of medium tactical vehicles, a series of military trucks manufacturing Oshkosh. The laser is a component of the program “Robust electric laser initiative” of the U.S. army.

The Dynetics team is one of two competitors seeking to build a laser system that will be tested in 2022 on a rocket in new Mexico.

Another team led by Raytheon has received a contract from the army in early July for $ 10 million to develop a similar system.

The U.S. Department of defense is developing laser technology for decades, and several models of low power have already been tested. Model with capacity of 100 MW with increased power would quickly destroy threats such as drones, artillery fire and missiles.

Laser weapons could provide a relatively cheap option for interception purposes, as it will use electricity instead of expensive ammunition. Since 1970-ies, the US army is trying to develop practical field laser system.

It was discovered that chemical lasers are too bulky and inefficient, but advances in semiconductor power lasers has already helped to install the system on a standard car.

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