E Honda electric car will go into the series without mirrors

Электрокар Honda E пойдет в серию без зеркал

Electric car Honda e in basic option will receive the cameras instead of traditional mirrors. This was announced by the automaker, reveals details on a proprietary system Side Camera Mirror.

Unlike conventional mirrors the camera does not project beyond the overall width of the vehicle. Their use reduces air resistance by 90% and increases the overall aerodynamic efficiency of 3.8%, which has a beneficial effect on the reserve. In addition, when driving at high speeds reduced noise of the wind.

The shape of the housings of the chambers prevents the ingress of water on the lens, wherein the lens has a water repellent coating that prevents contamination. The image is displayed on two six-inch display, located on the edges of the dashboard. They have two modes of output images: standard and wide angle. In the first case, the “blind” zone be reduced by approximately 10% compared to using the traditional mirrors and the second 50%. The brightness is adjusted automatically at any level of lighting, the screens give a clear picture and in bad weather and at night, don’t glare and not blind. When reversing on them displays the dynamic lines.

Prototype Honda e debuted this spring in Geneva, the production version will show later in the year. Electric car, created a new rear-drive platform specifically for the European market, passing on a single charge of over 200 km and charges to 80% in half an hour. The model is already available for order in the UK, Germany, France and Norway, residents of other European countries while you can leave a preliminary application.

The world’s first production car with cameras instead of side mirrors was the Lexus ES, which was released on the Japanese market last fall. The same option is available for electrocreaser Audi e-tron.