E3 2019: THQ Nordic announces the return of two well-known franchises

E3 2019: THQ Nordic анонсирует возвращение двух известных франшиз

THQ Nordic will present at E3 2019 two unannounced project.

The first draft of THQ Nordic is a remake and the hotly anticipated return of “galakticheskih favorite game/franchise”. In his bosom the company has almost 200 names. Perhaps this is a remake of Destroy All Humans!? The second project will also be something of a long series, a new vision of a franchise. Kingdoms of Amalur? TimeSplitters? Alone in the Dark? A lot of variants, but certainly we will know in less than a month.

E3 2019, will open its doors from 11 to 13 June, but the press conference will begin on 9 June. The first had to be Electronic Arts with an event EA Play, but the exact date and time not yet announced. The event may be rescheduled for a later date. So far, the calendar of conferences as follows (Moscow time):

  • Microsoft – June 9, 23:00;
  • Bethesda Softworks – June 10, 3:30;
  • Devolver Digital – June 10, 5:00;
  • PC Gaming Show – 10 June, 20:00;
  • Limited Run Games – 10 June 22:00;
  • Ubisoft – June 10, 23:00;
  • AMD Next Horizon Gaming – 11 Jun, 01:00;
  • Kinda Funny Games Showcase – June 11, 02:30;
  • Square Enix – June 11, 4:00;
  • Nintendo Direct – June 11, 19:00.