Each Apple contains about 100 million microbes – research

Каждое яблоко содержит в себе около 100 миллионов микробов - исследование

Inside the apples are hiding bacteria – about 100 million each, even in well-washed. This new study scientists.

The report on this work was published in the journal Frontiers in Microbiology. Its authors, scientists from the University of Graz (Austria), said that in apples are concentrated some incredible number of microbes, and mentioned the figure of 100 million on average. The researchers note that raw fruits and vegetables usually are the main fillers of the intestinal microflora, because the food that is prepared, killed the majority of microorganisms.

Learning how a lot of bacteria present in store-bought and homemade apples, the researchers found in all the vast number of microbes in each gram of pulp and seeds contained about 500 thousand different bacteria.

How these microbes are useful to humans, it is not yet clear is the question of future research.

At the same time, the researchers said that inside the store apples contained more germs can cause stomach problems.

According to research the human body contains 10 times more single-celled bacteria, fungi and other micro-organisms than our own cells. Observations in recent years show that the bacteria in the body “conducting” important processes, including cardiovascular activity and brain function.

The authors of the new study surprised by the number of microbes, which they found in apples. Like the fact that the bacteria are full of apples from home gardens that were not treated with pesticides and not exposed to other types of treatment.