Earth gift: how to get free land

Земля даром: как получить бесплатный участок

In anticipation of the opening of the land market more and more Ukrainians think about how to exercise their legal right to obtain a free site. Moreover, the government has had the idea to cover this “shop”, so time for reflection is short. “Vesti” figured out how much it will cost them a plot and the areas in which land is valued most.

Went for acres

In Ukraine there is an active preparation for the lifting of the moratorium on sale of agricultural land and open land market. The relevant law, BP will be reviewed in early November. And given the mood of the current Parliament, with high probability it will be adopted.

Meanwhile, how to tell the “news” lawyers, Ukrainians are increasingly now massively stormed the Gosgeokadastra bodies and local councils with requests for the allocation of free land. People hope that after starting the agricultural land market will increase the price on other land, which can then be sold profitably. In addition, the panic caused the recent communications from the government and the expert community about what would be nice in General to stop giving away land for free.

Recall that in Ukraine every adult citizen has the right to obtain ownership of several land plots for various purposes. This right is enshrined in the Land code of Ukraine and provides the opportunity to obtain land for farming and agriculture (2.0 ha), horticulture (0.12 hectares), garage (0,01 hectares), the construction of the house (from 0.10 to 0.25 ha), construction a country house (0.10 hectares).

Of course, the word “free” I mean that you will not have to pay directly the price of land. However, it will be necessary to incur the official costs of processing the necessary documentation – an average of 5-10 thousand UAH. And a lot of patience and time as the whole procedure may take from six months to several years.

What to do

As has told “news” the head of the law firm “Kravets and Partners” Rostislav Kravets, technically, land can be obtained in any point of Ukraine, regardless of place of registration. But in fact, the success of this event last but not least will depend on the choice of the location of the land.

You need to write a letter to the Executive authorities. You can not at the place of registration. And you should allocate land, “- said the “news” Kravets.

Note that the statement it is necessary to enclose a copy of the identity document, and a copy of the cadastral map on which to mark the desired location of the land plot and its size. It can be obtained in district or municipal land management, or print out from website Gosgeokadastra. The application and accompanying materials should be considered in local governments within one month. If the local authority will allocate land, it will be necessary to perform a number of procedures starting from design and ending with registration of property rights.

Acres is not enough

But in practice, experts say, to free the land is not as easy as it seems at first glance. “In most cases, officials denied the Ukrainians are still at the stage of consideration of the application. They motivate this by the fact that there is no free land“, – said “news” Kravets.

Thus, according to Gosgeokadastra, free land in Ukraine is really not much left. In public ownership, has approximately 10.5 million hectares. That is, theoretically they can be divided almost 5.3 million citizens. “In large cities – Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov and other earth anymore for a long time. And in the suburbs to find free sites is almost impossible, “- said the President of the Association “Land Union of Ukraine” Andrew Koshil.

Besides, according to him, the allocation of land in the country is extremely corrupt. “This is especially true of the suburbs of big cities and resort areas. Chance to free their two hectares – tiny, in 99% of cases people simply refuse or demand money, “- says Koshil.

Bribe for a “free” site selection can be from 10% to 70% of its potential market value. For example, in Transcarpathian region will need to pay roughly $400 per hectare (two acres – only $800). And for the land, located at 20-50 km from Kiev or Odessa can claim “thanks” from $2 thousand and above, depending on the proximity to the city and the availability of communications.

How many could be sold

However, according to the lawyer Taras Nikiforovka, if you appease the appetite and write a statement for the earth on distance more than 200 km from the district center, the chances of success increase significantly. “I would advise to look for land in 150-200 km and even 300 km from the regional center. There is land for you, most likely, there are, “says Nikiforuk.

But even on this earth can earn by renting it out or selling. Moreover, according to the forecasts of the Cabinet, after the launch of the land market, the cost will increase.

As previously told in interview “news” the adviser to Prime Minister Alexey mushak, the most expensive lands are in the Poltava and Cherkasy oblasts. “Normal the initial cost of one hectare in Poltava will be 60-70 thousand UAH, and in Kherson – about 25 thousand UAH. It all depends on the land productivity and competition in the region. But the average hectare of land in Ukraine will cost about 50 thousand UAH“, – said the “Vesti” music.

By the way, according to the Ministry of regional development, the most productive lands are located in Ivano-Frankivsk, Vinnytsia, Chernivtsi, Lviv and Kyiv regions. And the least productive lands were lands in the Transcarpathian and Mykolaiv regions.

Meanwhile, wishing to free the land should hurry. In the expert community and even the Cabinet is more often heard idea that the free distribution of land time to cover.

I think it’s right to limit the number of citizens who can get free land from the state, members of ATU/OOS, soldiers who fought in the Donbass. It would be fair. Other citizens can benefit from the land market in the form of budget revenues and, for example, of the implementation of targeted projects, “says mushak. However, until the market opened, the chance to get your free two hectares still remain.