Easter 2019: how to avoid stress to the body at the exit of the Great lent

Пасха 2019: как избежать стресса для организма при выходе из Великого поста

Great post – the most important and prolonged fasting among Orthodox Christians. It lasts 48 days and ends with Easter. In 2019, the Great lent began March 11 and ends April 27.

During lent believers refuse from food of animal origin, are spiritually cleansed, go to Church and pray more. For many, the purpose of lent is to diet, which was very welcome after the winter. To limitations in eating after the festive Easter table did not come out sideways, out of the post, like any other diet, needs to be smooth. ONLINE.UA gathered main rules out of the Great lent, which will help to minimize the stress to the body.

When a long time you sit down at a table, which contains flavored sausages, sumptuous cakes and mayonnaise salads, I want to eat all at once. But they should not do that! Long post changing our sense of appetite and configures the adipose tissue to stock up as soon as we start eating again. Therefore, all eaten at once deposited where it is not necessary. The main rule of the Great post – to observe a measure. Not to eat all at once, and to choose for themselves originally one kind of protein – lean meat or fish. Also, do not consume alcohol, even in small doses it stimulates the appetite. Remember that eggs are a heavy food, so you should eat no more than two eggs a day.

Start exit lent with dairy products. Cheese, yogurt, kefir will prepare your digestive system to eat familiar food. Besides, on the Easter table you better to give preference to the curd Easter. Fresh pastries will not be the most pleasant surprise for your body, but the cheesecake dessert will give the pleasure and no harm.

Nutritionists advise not to eat eat food nor juice, nor water, nor tea or coffee. Try to drink after 2-2,5 hours after a meal, and even better 20 minutes before a meal drink a glass of water so you will chill the appetite and start the digestive system.

Salads, without which no festive Easter table, it is better to fill with olive or sunflower oil, not using mayonnaise, especially store.

In the first days after the Great lent is to give up bad foods: pasta, potatoes, sweets, flour products, carbonated drinks, chips, crackers, fast food and other. The main part of your diet should be cereals, vegetables and fruits.

It is important to remember that after the end of lent, your body need about two weeks to fully recover and not to be shocked from fatty and fried foods.

If, however, your willpower could not resist the aroma of freshly baked cakes or meat, in any case, it is impossible to help the body digest food with the help of medicines. They only speed up the digestion, but do not eliminate the negative effects of overeating. In order to speed up the metabolism, at night you can eat a few apples. Also helps self-massage: pinch the bottom of the abdomen up, you can use a special massagers. Even better after the Easter holidays to arrange a day of fasting. Nothing to eat, try to drink more water, herbal teas, freshly squeezed juices and hand-made smoothies.

If you managed to hold out and not eat food of animal origin for seven weeks, try and the day of Easter is not “before losing momentum” and to remember that tasty food. In addition, a new and correct habits in the use of food acquired during Great lent, will help you maintain the health and beauty of the body, so do not forget to immediately eat fatty foods.