Easy and affordable: what will show on the channel “servant of the people” discussed with the guys from the “Kvartal 95”

Просто и доступно: что покажут на канале "Слуга народа" обсудили с ребятами из "Квартала 95"

After numerous scandals involving deputies of the ruling party “servant of the people”, monopolistom the decision was made to “teach” members to open public life. In this regard, creates a new Internet channel that will show live the deputies outside the courtroom. “Out of the closet and the dining room” will keep reporting to appease the ardor of a curious electorate.

Kravchuk said that about how to work the Internet channel of the party representatives of the “public Servants” negotiate with media from the Studio “95 Quarter”. Also to discuss what to show the people his deputies were invited marketing professionals, and representatives of the party inform hub. In other words, now the Ukrainians will show in advance an elaborate picture, and not reality, which is often densely flare up scandals.

In General, it was decided that the channel will carry live, i.e. online, or in real-time from the session hall, which is removed by the deputies themselves. As well as short videos about the private life of each.

It is understandable, because of 249 people, the voters don’t know. Kravchuk also noted that this does not mean that the party members will stop going to the esters and to answer questions of journalists. But first they will have to comment on all of “us”. Surprisingly correct concept, will enable the MPs to avoid incorrect answers, which incite the society.

Просто и доступно: что покажут на канале "Слуга народа" обсудили с ребятами из "Квартала 95"