Eat and lose weight: Scientists have created a revolutionary method “metalscene”

Researchers believe this discovery is a real breakthrough in the field of dietetics.

Много есть и худеть: Ученые создали революционный метод «нетолстения»

Scientists have created a revolutionary method “metalscene”. Today the issue of obesity is becoming in some countries, rampant, forcing scientists actively look for new ways of addressing this phenomenon. For example, recently scientists from Yale University in the US found a way to eat and not get fat. This can be done by taking a special substance contained in drugs for the treatment of glaucoma.

An experiment on mice showed that it promotes the excretion of fats from the body with feces preventing them to blood. This discovery is already being called a breakthrough in modern nutrition. In the future, the authors will teach people how to eat without risking to gain weight. Previously, of course, planned to create a special additive on the basis of the revolutionary substance, which helps a lot to eat and lose weight.

Много есть и худеть: Ученые создали революционный метод «нетолстения»

As you know, obesity is dangerous not only in the presence of excess weight, but also a number of side effects. So, people suffering from this disease, the risk more than others to suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular system, digestion. Recent studies show that fat is an excellent medium for the formation and development of cancer.

Meanwhile, many experts are still skeptical about this kind of discoveries. For example, doctors remind you that fats are a necessary component contributing to the development of a healthy body. The abuse of such substances can lead to the degradation of the body.

Previously, scientists have found that diet has a different effect on men and women. According to specialists, female and male organisms often otherwise perceive certain techniques.

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