Eclipse blue SUPERLINE

Затмение голубой суперлуны

Artem Aslanyan

Experts from NASA called the phenomenon the “triple lunar effect” (“lunar trifecta”). It can be observed is January 31, almost the entire US, provided that you head over to clear sky.

This night the moon is already the second time appears in the sky in full glory, and the full moon called “blue moon”.

At the same time, the earth’s satellite is at the low point of the orbit above the earth, and therefore will appear 14% bigger and 30% brighter than usual. This phenomenon is known as supermoon.

Finally, this night will be a full Eclipse of the moon, by which the satellite will be painted in purple tones. In the US this effect is also called “bloody moon”.

According to experts of NASA, “lunar triple effect” was observed in North America since 1866. A lunar Eclipse can be also seen in the early morning of 31 January in the middle East, in Asia, in Eastern Russia, Australia and New Zealand. Europeans at this time, no luck: all the special effects of the moon “theatre” occurs in the midst of day 10:51 GMT, and therefore will remain hidden to the eye.

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