Economists explained why suddenly “collapsed” dollar

Экономисты объяснили, почему внезапно "обвалился" курс доллара

The fall of the dollar and strengthening of the hryvnia is due to the four favourable external economic factors. This opinion was shared by the expert of the International Union “the Institute for national policy” Marina Bagrova, reports ONLINE.UA with reference to “24 Channel”.

Among the factors:

1) the rise in world prices for some of the basic goods of Ukrainian exports: ore and grain;

2) increase in Ukraine the volume of foreign currency and, as a consequence, the decrease of its price;

3) return to Ukraine of a large mass of offshore money to pay for the oligarchs election campaigns of its candidates in people’s deputies;

4) the fall in the price of gas purchased by Ukraine for the currency in the European Union.

Expert in investment and forecasting of the European analytical centre Vadim Bardas says that the main reason for the “cheap” dollar is now – a small number of the hryvnia in the financial system and at the same time a wide range of dollar in Ukraine.In his words, balances on correspondent accounts decreased by UAH 700 million – to 53.4 billion, which reduces the possibility of speculative sway of the market.

“Declared rate of the incumbent President and the future Parliament to further anti-corruption measures in the country found wide support among the international partners of Ukraine. This is the future of providing additional resources to the EU and the IMF, to foreign investors is a positive signal that the business environment is improved”, – said the expert.