Economists have calculated the cost of the Easter basket

Экономисты рассчитали стоимость пасхальной корзины

Basket has risen because of the quarantine and the surge in food prices

The cost of the Easter basket in 2020, according to the average prices in Ukraine as of March will be about 620 UAH. This is evidenced by calculations of Institute of agricultural Economics.

According to the Institute, this year the traditional Easter, eggs, sausage, ham, lard, butter, hard and soft cheeses, horseradish and salt will cost Ukrainians for 88 UAH – that is 16.5% more expensive than last year, when a minimal set of products worth UAH 532.

The cost of the main component of the basket Easter homemade cakes will be about 96 UAH per 1 kg. In shops and supermarkets ready Easter are more expensive, because its price depends on ingredients and finish baking.

The rising cost of poshe due to several factors. On the one hand, this rise in prices of milk, butter, flour and sugar, with another increase in the cost of energy for bakery manufacturers, as well as situational surge in food prices, the wave of panic due to the introduction of quarantine in the epidemic of the coronavirus COVID-19, said the Institute.

The most expensive components of a holiday basket this year will traditionally meat products: sausage (0.5 kg) – 118 UAH (190-250 UAH per 1 kg), pork (0.5 kg) – 110 UAH from the calculation of 195-230 UAH per 1 kg. compared with the 2019 year the price of pork increased on average in Ukraine by 12.2 %, and home – made sausage-13.5 %.

Fat (0,5 kg) will cost 48 UAH from the calculation of 80-125 UAH per 1 kg.

Among milk products, most will have to pay for cheese (0.5 kg) – 75 UAH (138-190 UAH per 1 kg) and butter (0.5 kg) – 85 UAH (160-210 UAH per 1 kg). Soft cheese (0.5 kg) will cost about UAH 55 (70-115 UAH per 1 kg).

The cheapest ingredients are eggs (10 PCs) – 20 UAH. (19-25 UAH per dozen depending on the category) and horseradish (250 g) – 12 UAH, the price of which remained at the level of last year – UAH 9-14.

In the case of filling the Easter basket with other, non-essential components: tomatoes, cucumbers, apples, red wine, – the cost will increase to UAH 801. It is 90 UAH, or by 12.7% more than the cost of a basket of the same composition in 2019.

The price of apples compared to the 2019 year increased by 75 % and is (0,5 kg) 7 grn (12-20 UAH per kg). The average price for Ukraine in the vegetables remained at the same level as last year: tomatoes greenhouse (0,5 kg) – 25 UAH (47-55 UAH per 1 kg), for cucumbers (0.5 kg) – 29 UAH (UAH 56-63).

A bottle of Church wine “Cahors” on average, you will have to pay UAH 120 (80-135 UAH for a bottle).