Economists have made a rating of the cost of the Easter basket by regions

Экономисты составили рейтинг стоимости пасхальной корзины по областям

The cost depends on the price fluctuations of products in the regions of Ukraine

Easter basket of traditional and complementary products in 2019 the average for Ukraine will cost 711 UAH. This is evidenced by the calculations of the National scientific center “Institute of agrarian economy”.

To calculate the cost of a basket of economists took the price of traditional components – meat products, cheese, eggs, Easter, butter, soft and hard cheeses, as well as additional products – tomatoes, cucumbers, apples and red wine.

According to the Institute, for the fourth consecutive year the cheapest Easter basket will be in the Ternopil region – UAH 644 and the most expensive – 830 UAH in Kiev.

In the Western region of Ukraine, except Ternopil region, cheaper Easter basket is in Rivne (675 UAH), Volyn (686 UAH), Chernivtsi (694 UAH) and Lviv (UAH 696). The cost of the same food basket in Transcarpathia exceeds the national average and will reach 719 UAH. The most expensive in the region of the Easter basket will be in Ivano-Frankivsk region – UAH 723.

In Central Ukraine the cheapest festive basket will be in Khmelnytskyi region – 689 UAH. A little more will have to pay for it in Kirovohrad (695 UAH), Sumy (705 UAH), Chernigov (705 UAH) and Vinnytsia (UAH 709). In Cherkasy Easter basket cost 716 UAH, in Kyiv and Zhytomyr will be 721 UAH, and in Poltava – 724 UAH. The most expensive Easter basket is traditionally in the capital, where she will have to pay 830 UAH.

The cost of the Easter basket in the East will range within UAH 696-778. In the Zaporozhye and Lugansk areas it will cost about the same price – 696 and 697 UAH UAH respectively. In the Kharkiv region for the set of products for the holiday have to pay 724 UAH, and the Dnipropetrovsk – 749 UAH. The most expensive in the region will be Easter basket in the Donetsk region – UAH 778.

The cost of the Easter basket in Nikolaev will slightly exceed the average for Ukraine the indicator will amount to UAH 718. Residents of other southern regions – Odessa and Kherson – will have to pay UAH 755 and 763 UAH respectively.