Ecuador plans to give US personal belongings and documents Assange

Эквадор планирует передать США личные вещи и документы Ассанжа

Ecuadorian authorities plan to transfer to the United States all things and documents of aristophontes WikiLeaks Julian Assange. This was reported in the newspaper El Diario.

It is noted that in the Ecuadorian Embassy, where Assange has spent a lot of time in addition to the documents, are mobile phones, computers, CDs and other things.

According to preliminary information, already on 20 may the law enforcement officers should spend in his room searched.

This decision was made after the U.S. justice Department has sent the appropriate letter to Ecuador and the Prosecutor General agreed to this request.

In addition, the police plan to study the issue of access to the Internet, the founder of WikiLeaks.

  • Later, WikiLeaks said that their founder Julian Assange detained for extradition to the United States of America.
  • The U.S. Department of justice is trying to extradite Assange.
  • British lawmakers called on to extradite Julian Assange to Sweden, if there will resume the case about his sexual crimes.
  • The President of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno said that Assange wanted to use the country’s Embassy in London as a “centre for spying”.
  • May 1, Assange was found guilty and received a sentence of 50 weeks imprisonment for violation of a court order.