Ecumenical parental Saturday: history, traditions, the DOS and don’ts

Вселенская родительская суббота: история, традиции, предписания и запреты

In the Orthodox calendar special days for vsetserkovnogo souls. They are called Saturday. Believers February 22 will mark uni parent meat-fare Saturday.

Of all the features this day read in the new material Apia.


Saturday was established in the first Millennium. Devoting Meatfare week prednamerennoe the last judgment of Christ, the Church has established to apply not only for the living members, but for all, for ever dead.

Solemn Church-wide commemoration of the dead this Saturday (also in the Trinity-Saturday) brings great benefit and assistance to the deceased fathers and brethren our and nevertheless serves to Express the fullness of Church life that we live.


In the year celebrating a number of parents Saturday. The Saturday before cheese-fare week before the feast of the Holy Trinity (Pentecost) is called the Ecumenical parental Saturday. On this day we commemorate all the dead ancestors.

The celebration characterno for Russia, Belarus and some regions of Ukraine, in particular, woodland.


In this day and get home carefully cleaned up, the tables were served a large (usually unpaired) number of dishes. In Meatfare Saturday is usually cooked pancakes. The first pancake left before the icon, second on the windowsill.

The hosts tried to adequately meet the souls of ancestors who return to the days of General remembrance. On the table in a jar with grain put a lighted candle for the souls is delayed a little from all the dishes, poured into a separate glass of jelly, beer or vodka.

After the prayer began “grandfather’s night”, during which I try to lead regular conversations, remember loved ones and distant relatives who have left this world. After the end of the evening the dishes are not cleaned until the morning.


On Saturday the Parent not recommended for work, especially if it distracts people from praying and attending the temple. This day can not refuse to help those in need.

It is forbidden to abuse alcohol. This day should not be planted plants, as they considered, will not grow.

Traditionally, as for all holidays and everyday life of the believer, the Church warns from cursing, swearing or fighting.