Editor-in-chief found out what to give for Day trading and when, in fact, celebrates the feast

Главред узнал, что подарить на День торговли и когда, собственно, отмечается праздник

Editor-in-chief decided to find out when to cook congratulations on the day of trade (humorous and serious wish good sales for our business) for employees of trade in Ukraine in 2019.

Date of the holiday is impermanent, is changing every year, so there is no wonder to get confused.

Day trading 2019 – Ukraine, “DNR”, “LC”: when, what day, date

Day of workers of trade, Ukraine celebrates every year on the last Sunday of July. In 2019 the day of workers of trade fell on July 28.

And the trading Day in 2020 falls on July 26.

Similar to celebrate your day and representatives of the trade “guilds” of Belarus.

Read targetrole with Russia, or Ukraine, why it is time to leave adolescence SOSTOYaNIYa here in Russia celebrates the Day of workers of trade a day earlier – on the fourth Saturday of July. That is a trading Day, 2019 in Russia will take place on July 27.

It is noteworthy that the occupied territory of Donbass also shifted the holiday and for the Russian style day trading 2019 “DNR” and “LNR” is celebrated on the fourth Saturday of this month – on July 27.

By the way, in Ukraine, there is another “commercial” holiday is a Day entrepreneur: Ukraine in 2019 notes September 1, (always first Sunday of the first autumn month).

What to give for Day trading

Gift the seller should choose the business. Of course, you can make a gift on the day of the trade in their hands: a postcard, a cake bake or fruit bouquet to collect the produce of their garden. Another option – a talisman for good luck, because trade is a risky business, and many entrepreneurs – people are superstitious ( they have a “happy” shoes or clothes, their signs, etc.).

And you can Day trade a gift and to buy. In this case, choosing what to give for Day trading should come from your relationship to the person, how close you are and how expensive should be the gift. Often give:

  • writing sets;
  • business card holders;
  • diaries;
  • chocolate sets;
  • Souvenirs for good luck: netsuke, maneki neko (“cat-Barker – figure with swinging foot);
  • themed flash drive or mouse to computer, etc.

And, of course, the best gift the merchant is a wish of good sales and Day trading.

The trading day 2019: greetings in prose

Congratulations to all the trade workers on their professional holiday! I wish to be always configured for success, to obtain desired gain, it is easy to find customers, develop and strive for the best! Let all works as planned and even better! I wish you health, positivity and lots of positive results!

I congratulate you on the day of the worker of trade. I sincerely wish you only the polite and wealthy buyers, generous and competent leaders, consistently high revenues and big profits. I wish you health, peace and prosperity. With a holiday!

The trading day 2019: congratulations boss

Our wonderful boss, I congratulate You on Day of workers of trade of Ukraine and sincerely wish You patience, health, respect, energy, sociability, optimism, perseverance and confidence. Let every decision is rational, let every day be successful let every idea will be promising. I wish that every day increased profits, expanded opportunities, new customers and faithful remained the old one.

The trading day 2019: congratulations in the verses

Trade is important,

Wish you to sell successfully

Always have only large notes

Together in your wallet down!

Let your luck,

The sales increase may performance,

And wish you want to boot

Many happy customers!

To this day, colleagues, happy friends,

Trade workers congratulate me,

Let it be more good customers

And the team of cheerful moments.

Let there be smile on our lips,

And attraction in joyful eyes,

Let the luck will be with us everywhere

And more salary in your wallet!

The Day trade Director

Day of trade workers in this hour,

Director, congratulations!

We wish perfection in all things,

There remained no purpose to dreams.

Let all always solved successfully,

And even if it is a difficult task.

Let bloom the flowers of joy,

We wish you peace, happiness and love!

The trading day 2019: greetings funny and greetings day trading comic

Happy trading

And wish this year

So for the current feast,

Went to work without worries.

Let the interest on the purchase


Well, you’re in a shopping cabin,

Will show everyone how tough YOU are.

Emptiness the trading floor,

And stock nothing

Massive sales want

For pocket your.

I am the seller, you the buyer,

Let the hundreds will roll forward

For the trading day, holiday General,

We all traded, among other things.

We sell a product, service

And even knowledge of each other.

The whole world trades every hour

And a toast, for all of us!

I know firsthand that trading is a job

No time for a break, because the customers are always waiting for

Tell us, let’s ask again the seller

Information you are a Pro in the trade for a reason.

Every day as a fight and the people here runs,

Earned a penny more than life values,

Tell what you want, because they believe the seller

I itch when the money you bear.

Day trading: free

3 SMS: 190 characters:

All workers in the trade congratulations on their professional holiday! Wish you the proceeds, your happy customers, high income. Always be healthy, beautiful, successful and happy!

3 SMS: 177 characters

In day of the worker of trade,

Wish mood.

Buyers good

Creative manifestation.

Let a successful career

Develops forward

And income increase

From responsible contractors.

Главред узнал, что подарить на День торговли и когда, собственно, отмечается праздник

Главред узнал, что подарить на День торговли и когда, собственно, отмечается праздник

Главред узнал, что подарить на День торговли и когда, собственно, отмечается праздник