Editor in chief “MBH media” resigned after allegations of harassment

Шеф-редактор "МБХ медиа" уволился после обвинений в домогательствах

Journalist Sergey Prostakov announced the resignation of the chief editor of the publication “MBH media” after allegations of sexual harassment.

“In the current situation, I do not think it possible to remain chief editor of “MBH” media,” wrote the Simpletons in the telegram. He apologizes to those offended or who found his behavior offensive and regrets her behavior. “I never wanted to offend anyone or insult. The problem was the inability to build a respectful and equal communication,” said Simpletons.

July 13, several polzovateley Twitter wrote about sexual harassment on his part. They said that the journalist had touched them, molested them. The employee “Advocacy Cards” Valentine dektaryenko published several anonymous screenshots with stories about harassment Prost to three girls, among whom were subordinates.

Editor Of “Tapes. ru” Victoria Kuzmenko wrote that a few years ago, Suckers were present at gang rape of a girl during a party in his apartment. Kuzmenko added that about this story she learned from the words of a former young man, photographer “MBH media” Andrey Zolotov. He Zolotov calls these events of six years ago “group sex by mutual consent” and denies being involved in this. Simpletons said he did not remember these events because he was drunk.

Yesterday they tweeted several messages about the sexual harassment from men who have worked or continue to work in the Russian media. Among those against whom allegations put forward but Sergey Prost, was photo editor “MBH media” Andrey Zolotov, a former employee of the “Open Russia” Ruslan Gafarov, journalist Sergei Minenko (both now working in the savings Bank).

In 2018 due to accusations of harassment from the post of chief editor of “Medusa” went Ivan Kolpakov. However, he refused to recognize the charges. He returned to the post four months later. The Board of Directors of the edition did not find grounds for his removal.