“Editors! We have an emergency!”: the ridiculous reaction of the Russian press after the announcement of the decision of the Synod

"Редакция! У нас ЧП!": сміхотворна реакція російської преси після оголошення рішення Синоду

The Holy Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate in the Phanar

The reaction of the Russian press who persistently spread rumors among Ukrainian journalists have already appeared meme

For three days in Istanbul, which hosted the meeting of the Holy Synod of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, there was a lot of Russian press. Even more than the Ukrainian. And the gossip, rumors and misinformation about the transfer of the Ukrainian question was distributed without the involvement of Russian journalists.

This was told to the correspondent “5 channel” Irina Gerasimov, who was in Turkey.

“According to information released, by the way, Deutsche Welle, referring to one of the Viennese bishops – he spoke with reporters before been consideration by ekzarhom the Ukrainian question. Indeed, he said that a decision on the Tomos for autocephaly of the Ukrainian will be when will be time for that. But every editor sees what he wants to see. Therefore, the Russian edition edition his words twisted, making the news that moved the Tomos to the next Synod (that is, delayed by a month 5.UA). Now I can say that it is not, because there is an official press release with five points – all aspects of the Ukrainian question, which I heard at the Synod within two days”, – said the journalist.

By the reaction of the Russian press, which persistently spread rumors, the reporter noted that among the Ukrainian journalists have already appeared meme.

“The first thing we heard from the Russian press, when they called after the announcement of the decision of the Synod – “Hello! Hello, editors! We have an emergency!” (Rus. emergency 5.UA). That is all that they are today (October 11 – 5.UA) I heard they call a “state of emergency”, – the journalist speaks.

Regarding the developments after the decision of the Synod, Gerasimov recalled that the next step of Ukraine will be the election of the Primate of one Church. This Exarch are not discussed, but there are several options on what will happen in the future.

“First, after the Ukrainian Orthodox’ll receive your official Chapter (elected at the meeting are representatives of those churches, which from April wrote a letter to the Ecumenical Patriarch) – this person will be recognized by the Primate of the Ukrainian independent Orthodox Church. Then this coach can come to Istanbul and to the letter – legal resolution (in fact Tomos – 5.UA),” – said the journalist.

On the other hand, said Gerasimov, it can cause the same Exarch exist that worked in Ukraine, and possibly himself the Ecumenical Patriarch.

The important thing is that one of the fundamental steps that are waiting for now from Ukraine – congregation of the Cathedral, said the correspondent.

As you know, the Tomos of autocephaly to be signed by the Patriarch and all the members of the Synod. After his call on the Primate of a Single Local Ukrainian Church. It is not, after all, elect the Chairman of the Unified national Ukrainian Church have to the Unification Council.

Recall the Synod of Constantinople on Thursday, October 11, announced its decision regarding Ukraine. The Ecumenical Patriarch continues the procedure of granting of the Tomos of autocephaly of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.