Eduard Boyakov said the statement unhappy with the direction of artists of the Moscow art theatre.Bitter

Эдуард Бояков ответил на заявление недовольных руководством артистов МХАТ им.Горького

Theatre the Moscow art theatre. Gorky, who worked six months under the new leadership, headed by artistic Director Eduard Boyakov, was in the center of the scandal. A group of artists has circulated in social networks a video message with the requirement to return to the post of Director and artistic Director Tatiana Doronin, who is now President of the theater. Among the claims made by the performers – performances low artistic level, which are at the theater under the new leadership. Eduard Boyakov responded to the claim.

Let’s say clearly: the attempt to discredit the results of our shared hard work, a feeling of disgust towards the authors of this “treatment” and the desire to give a start to just dry numbers that are the official results of the first half of 2019“, – stated in the statement.

According to these “dry numbers”, for the last six months the number of viewers increased by 24%, while revenue from tickets more than a third. The number of donations reached almost 8 million rubles (compared to 600 thousand in 2018). The income from the rent scene free repertory performances days amounted to more than 6 million rubles – for five million rubles more than the year before.

It is obvious that those who say that things started to go tight and creative, and in economic terms, introduce all the confusion, casting a shadow on our theater and our founder, the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation“, – Boyakov said.

Now the theater is waiting for Tatiana Doronina proposals on the composition of the arts Council. Them yet. As for the new repertoire, the statement of artistic Director notes that “the repertoire policy of our theater-based search, the manifestation of the genetic code of the national culture – patriotism, honor, conscience, family, Christian values, creative freedom, as evidenced by the new play at the theatre”.

For every sober and professional expert it is obvious that our premiere is aimed at solving a non-trivial task and the activation of creative potential of the company – from folk artists to talented youth“, – the statement stresses.

Эдуард Бояков ответил на заявление недовольных руководством артистов МХАТ им.Горького