Egypt returned the player suspended for harassment: he sent girls erotic photos

Египет вернул футболиста, отстраненного за домогательства: он высылал девушкам эротические фото

Player AMR Warda returned to the national team of Egypt. He decided to allow to speak for the team, despite the fact that the football player accused of harassment.

25-year-old asked in the social networks of girls to send him naked pictures and he sent them a video of a sexual nature. Among the “victims” Warda model Mehran Keller and Mexican woman, who under the name Giovanna V published intimate conversation with an Egyptian on Twitter.

The sports Minister of Egypt Ashraf Sobhi met with the players of the national team at their request, to discuss the exclusion of midfielder.

The players asked him to dispose of to return the ward to the national team. As a result of his disqualification was reduced to the end of the group stage of the African Cup of Nations, informs the website of the football Federation of Egypt.

Thus, Varda returns to the team from the playoffs of the African Cup of Nations. Egypt in the second round thanks to a goal by Mohamed Salah has won the victory and ensured their participation in the playoffs.