Egypt’s President ready to send troops to Libya to support the army of the Haftarot

Президент Египта готов ввести войска в Ливию для поддержки армии Хафтара

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, an ally of Libyan General Khalifa the Haftarot, has threatened to send troops to Libya to stop the advance of the army of the government of national consent in the coastal city of Sirte and the southern city Ufra. About it reports The Independent.

“The willingness to fight has become inevitable and necessary in the prevailing conditions of instability and unrest in our region,” said Sisi in a speech to military officials.

The national consensus government with the centre in Tripoli, supported by the Turkish army, took the threat of CC as a “Declaration of war”.

“We will oppose it, condemn and consider it an act of aggression, a blatant intervention that is tantamount to a Declaration of war,” – said in a letter to the Libyan government.

The city of Sirte, with a population of about 50 thousand people, plays an important strategic role in the protection of complex critical Libyan oil facilities and warehouses located on the East coast of the Mediterranean sea in Libya and controlled at the moment by forces loyal to the Haftarot. It is home to the local population, among which many supporters of Gaddafi, which are associated with the Haftarot and remain hostile toward the government in Tripoli.

The strategic importance of this city is also largely associated with a location within 300 km of a major air base “Dzhufra”. According to Anadolu, it was on the air base expects the Russian side, trying to gain a foothold in North Africa and gain access to the southern coast of the Mediterranean. No coincidence that today in “Dzhufre” along with mercenaries PMC “Wagner”, placed 14 MIG-29 and SU-24.

Libya is actually divided into two parts – East and West. The country has established a duality: on the one hand, the government of national consensus with the administration in Tripoli, with another – the House of representatives in Tobruk, which supports Khalifa the Haftarot.

The national consensus government in Tripoli support Turkey, Qatar and several countries in the region and the UN, the Haftarot – Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Italy, France and Russia.

Президент Египта готов ввести войска в Ливию для поддержки армии Хафтара

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