Ekaterina Buzhinskaya was urgently hospitalized in Bulgaria: reason

Екатерину Бужинскую срочно госпитализировали в Болгарии: причина

Ukrainian singer Ekaterina Buzhinskaya was in the hospital. It happened during her stay in the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia.

On admission, the actress said on his official page in Facebook. According to 39-year-old Ekaterina Buzhinskaya, the cause of the deterioration of health has become a busy schedule and stress.

That’s what leads frantic pace of life, stress, preistoria, inability to delegate responsibility (this applies to the syndrome of “my mother, who for all experiences”) and busy tour schedule. Often journalists ask me how I stand? Hard! If someone says another – do not believe, because that’s not true,
– admitted Ekaterina Buzhinskaya.

The artist decided not to tell the diagnosis, which she received Bulgarian doctors. However, Kateryna buzhynska warned their fans from such troubles by sharing useful tips. In particular, a celebrity called that, from what should be abandoned. This lack of sleep, constant stress, lack of exercise due to sedentary work, frequent use of drinks with high caffeine content, inability to delegate responsibility in women, rapid weight loss and carelessness in taking medications. All of these habits influence the functioning of the heart, which probably complained Ekaterina Buzhinskaya.