Ekaterina Osadchaya told how to make a wish

Екатерина Осадчая рассказала, как правильно загадывать желание

Ukrainian TV presenter Kateryna Osadcha has a very tight schedule. In order to create an interesting and varied program “high life”, it is in the center of all events not only in Ukraine but also abroad.

Only last week she managed to transform into Morticia from the cartoon “the Addams Family”, stroll along the streets of Vienna and try on the image of brown with a crown for the filming of “high life”. So after such a busy schedule, Osadchaya dreamed about the rest. Her greatest desire was to see the sea, and leading him again.

In his Instagram Katya Osadchaya told the fans what to do to make wishes come true.

Everyone knows that if the right desire and carefully set a goal, it will come to life. So I wanted the sea. Have. Kiev, but because of the sea. And you, as dreams, wish lists you write?,
– concluded the presenter.

Not slow subscribers with their own observations about dreams. “If you strongly want, then dream will come true. The main thing – to believe”, “Dream consistently embodied”, “the Main thing – to want,” “I have a dream for you to make jewelry for the hair” – shared fans.