“El Pepe”: the anthem of humanity

"Эль Пепе": гимн человечности

Wolfgang Spindler

The way of life of Uruguay’s President Jose (“Pepe”) Mujica followed the famous Serbian film Director Emir Kusturica – a documentary film “El Pepe. High life” was shown in the competition program of the 75th Venice film festival.

“The higher life” – not because Mujica was the head of state, but because, in the opinion of the Director, he reached the heights of humanity. The one all Uruguayans affectionately called “El Pepe”, he lived simply, drove an old car, and 90% of his presidential salary was given to the needy. The film is based on the interview.

“I think he’s a unique personality, familiarity which enriches our senses and our experience, and I’m sure he’ll be a source of inspiration for those who are losing faith in love and the ideas of socialism”, – shared his impressions Kusturica, presenting the film together with his 83-year-old hero, with whom he during the shoot formed a special relationship of kindred souls.

Mujica and added simply:

“I didn’t know Kusturica, I’m not a movie person, and I don’t understand. But when I met him and knew him, we became friends.”

This film is about the meaning of life and politics, about the famous initiative of Mujica to legalize marijuana in Uruguay, about the personal feelings of a former partisan and a national favorite, who shares memories about his 13-year imprisonment and on the current mine life on the farm.

Emir Kusturica said about the film: “Achieving utopia requires a fundamental change of consciousness. The example of Jose Mujica gives hope for the achievement of the ideals. Impressed by his intelligence and work grust that we didn’t have a President, celebrating the utopia and the virtue of this, I made this film”.

Journalist name • Knarik Khachatryan

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