ELARI and Google now in the smart home

ELARI и Google теперь в умном доме

Wireless ecosystem “smart home” ELARI was Google-friendly. Now ELARI devices can be controlled via Google now with the help of the legendary command “OK, Google”.

Today, the ecosystem of smart building ELARI represented by a series of convenient technological devices, including smart outlet, light bulb, robot vacuum cleaners, cameras, and sensors and controllers.

Sync products ELARI with voice assistant Google by using the Google application Home. Adding a new device you need to connect your account to Google ELARI, after which the user will be able to control devices ELARI with Google Assistant. For example, to turn on and off lights, adjust brightness and color temperature of lighting, start cleaning, control TVs, TV set-top boxes and air conditioners.

To date, Google’s Assistant is compatible with the following devices ELARI:

  • colored lamp Color SmartLED SmartLED Color E27 and E14;
  • filament bulb Filament E27 SmartLED;
  • SmartLED led light bulb Warm&Cold GU10 adjustable brightness and light temperature;
  • socket with USB Socket and Smart Dual Smart Socket;
  • robot vacuum cleaners with the function of wet cleaning and SmartBot SmartBot Turbo;
  • IR remote Smart Infrared Remote.

In addition, Google is able not just to make the team, but to engage in a dialogue with the user to learn and adapt to his needs. For example, to provide on request the status of connected devices or to remind them of their trip.

Connectivity devices smart home ELARI-Google Assistant – this is an important step that will allow new users to build a comfortable ecosystem. This is especially true now, during the pandemic, when demand for the devices smart home is growing. Quarantine conditions provide an additional opportunity to appreciate the convenience of the system SmartHome. We observed a significant increase in sales of our devices for the isolation – the demand has increased 2.4 times, “says managing Director and founder ELARI Joseph Sachs.

According to ELARI for the quarantine period, the most purchased products become smart robot vacuum cleaners ELARI. Also among the most popular devices of “smart” house became smart sockets, colored light bulbs and IR remote. In addition, there was an increase of quantitative indicators of user interaction with devices – the server now processes more than 100,000 applications for smart devices daily. According to the SmartHome app ELARI in the period of self-isolation (from March to may 2020), the users started to use devices 1.5 times more often. In may, the total number of visits exceeded 3.4 million, and these numbers continue to grow.

“Such growth is well understandable – using devices ELARI SmartHome in the apartment or in the country – it’s fun, convenient, saves energy and enhances safety of life, and many, being at home, finally decided to make his life more modern – adds Joseph Sachs.Inexpensive and highly customizable modular system ELARI SmartHome provides automation and remote voice control of home appliances and lighting through the Assistant to Google and Alice from Yandex. App ELARI SmartHome allows you to specify the settings and scenarios of devices, depending on the user’s needs and the status of connected sensors and also from external data such as time of sunset and sunrise, and weather data.

ELARI и Google теперь в умном доме

ELARI и Google теперь в умном доме

ELARI и Google теперь в умном доме