Election is not only our Darth Vader: the most unusual incidents of election campaigns

Выборы - это не только наш Дарт Вейдер: самые необычные казусы избирательных кампаний

Elections – the event was massive and must be accompanied with anecdotes and incidents, some of them simply astonishing.

Like everything else in life, voting can not do without extraordinary situations and curiosities – that deer on the land run, the defective ballots will come – and that’s the most innocuous cases. Below are the funny stories from the world electoral practices.

Candidates from the people

Elections are necessary for direct democracy and the will of the people. Every conscious citizen needs to come to the site and mark any candidate. But what if the politicians you don’t believe, and the column “against all” in ballot not? Then come to the fore the most unusual candidates for the presidency or a seat in Parliament.

So, since 1964 in the United States voters are actively promoting the ideal candidate – Mr. Nobody (Nobody). Do: who will take care of you and your families? No. Who will make the country great again? No. Who will win the unemployment, poverty and hunger? No. In America I believe that this is the only politician who never lies or promises to feed the people. None option in the paint on the ballot under all the other candidates. Of course, such voices will not count, but a campaign to promote Mr. Nobody continues to this day.

But a little further South, in Brazil, one day decided that municipal management would recover the Rhino. A female beast named Cacareco in the elections to the city Council of Sao Paulo in 1959, receives more than 100 thousand people (15% of the total number of voters). Initially, the animal was not even on the ballot. Fake ballot papers in the amount of 200 thousand printed group of student pranksters and handed them out before the sites with the slogan “elect a Rhino, not a donkey”. In the result, the elections were invalidated and not allowed rhinoceros to the city Council.

The main hero of our days, of course, Ukrainian Darth Alekseyevich Vader. Flown straight from kynoselen “Star wars” politician tried to become a national candidate in presidents of Ukraine in 2014, however, the CEC refused registration for a number of reasons, including the fact that Vader refused to remove the mask. Certainly, the representatives of the Commission just didn’t know what else as Anakin Skywalker, he received severe injuries, so can not do without a helmet for more than a few minutes. After the failure of Darth Alekseevich throughout Ukraine on elections of various scales began to appear on his “clones” – more than 40 Vader. None of them to win the victory failed, but the follower of the original dart, Mr Palpatine, the same was held in the Odessa city Council.

The main thing – a beautiful slogan

Russian policy is a storehouse of the most amusing, ironic and witty political slogans. Sometimes the strategists of candidates invent such slogans that will be envied by journalists and writers.

For example, in the Duma elections of 2016 candidate from Yekaterinburg from the party “Rodina” Valery Ivanov went to the polls with the succinct phrase, “Enough snot on his fist wound!”. Concise slogan like most Internet users, however, the state Duma, Ivanov did not get.

The Deputy of legislative Assembly of Krasnoyarsk region from LDPR Alexander Gliskov decided to use the election campaign the people’s love for animals. The slogan of his campaign: “There is a dog or cat – choose LDPR” – plain and simple. But the candidate from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Yuri Choi decided a year ago to play for the love of Russians to the Soviet rock. His slogan: “Tsoi is alive!”.

No less ridiculous slogans appear in the United States. For example, presidential candidate-2012 MITT Romney spoke with the slogan “America needs Mitt” that is consonant with the phrase “America needs meat.” Then the media ridiculed Romney, arguing that in America it’s not so bad. Scored and Jimmy Carter, who won the presidential election with the slogan “Not just peanuts”. The thing is that the candidate on a post of the head of state politics for a long time engaged in the cultivation of peanuts.

Smaller brothers for the right to vote

Despite the fact that people are more intelligent mammals, who managed to come up with democracy and elections, our less conscious brothers also want to take part in all the important events. Here and in the polls they go very willingly.

So, on 10 September 2017, in a single day of voting at the station in Ulan-Ude came the dog with a passport. The animal in the teeth captured on video, which quickly spread via social media and became viral. However, according to local news agencies, it turned out that the dog was only carrying a passport of his mistress.

In the city of Slantsy of the Leningrad region two years earlier, “vote” came a bear named sugar. It brought the trainer. The law enforcement officers did not interfere with the man with the bear and allowed him to vote, and the TEC members even treated the animal with candy.

In Russia in General is not spelled out specific rules on the presence of animals in the areas. A lot more about this in the UK. It stipulates that dogs can go to the polls even without owners and to observe the electoral process. Animals can easily let the local PECs while they do not interfere with the course of voting. In addition, you can vote to come to the horse, and if the British cannot choose a candidate and to follow the animals will look after him member of the Commission.

When the top takes the element

A curious case occurred in Britain during the 2005 parliamentary elections. According to the head of Westminster Council Nigel Tonkin, one of the PEC started the fire. Rescue workers arrived on time, had to evacuate all people and to extinguish the flames, but the housing fell into disrepair. In order not to carry important election, Tonkin decided to open the parcel in the trunk of his car.

“With a plot it’s simple: you open the trunk of the car, covering the screen and hope it won’t rain,” – said Tonkin.

A similar situation occurred with him in the 90-ies. Then plot the school failed to open because the guard with the only keys overslept. The first visitors also voted in the trunk of a car.

But in Russia in 2015 the element waited until after the elections and the counting of votes. Volcanoes on Kamchatka were quiet throughout the electoral period. Only when the boundary Commission announced the first preliminary results from four peaks went white smoke began to gush forth lava. Before the eruption, however, is not reached.

and other misfortunes

All the most curious cases in the elections, of course, are related to human factors. All in the UK once the cleaning lady threw away all the papers left in the Wick. The woman thought it unnecessary papers, and sent them to the shredder. The Central Commission had to reprint the ballot sheets.

During the parliamentary election of 2015 in Ukraine, the inhabitant of Vinnytsia region decided to bite the Bulletin. First, he tried to take the sheet outside of the Wick, which is prohibited by law, and when he realized that he was caught red-handed, decided to eat the paper in place. In General, all ended well: and voice intact, and voters fed.