Electioneering: the expert explained, does cheaper gas

Предвыборный трюк: эксперт объяснил, подешевеет ли газ

Objective preconditions for reduction of prices on gas for Ukraine. Situational – is. Thanks, Naftogaz could buy the gas cheaper. But for Ukrainian consumers, the prospects that gas will become cheaper – the phantom. It is rather a pre-election gimmick.

Comments about this 24 channel noted energy expert, President of the Center for global studies “Strategy XXI” Michael Gonchar.

What has changed in the price of gas?

Due to the low gas prices in the world markets, the market value of gas in Ukraine is now lower than the regulated state. Therefore, “Naftogaz” has decided from April 1 to sell gas to industry at lower prices than the prices for gas for the population – 8 hryvnas 38 kopecks per “cube”. For household consumers, this price is 8 UAH 55 cents. And since may 1, the price of gas for the population will be 9.3 per cubic meter.

You can do the trick to reduce the price. But temporarily. I consider the talk about lowering gas prices as a campaign stunt. Politicians both want. So they found this option. You can at least zero and the price of gas to make. Just what will be the price of this “gas of Paradise”? Who will pay for it,

– said Gonchar.

He explained: officials before the election, I’m afraid to say that you can play in populism and poniati the price of gas. But when the price of this will be the collapse of the hryvnia due to the failure of the IMF to give the TRANS and the payment of debts, then quickly forget that we have cheap gas. Then will curse the government for the collapse of the hryvnia. But it’s not just the government. Because such populist policy is – because of the “wishlist” of consumers.

If we have achieved complete self-sufficiency with gas, then it would be possible to talk that we are not interested in the import parity prices, I’m sure Gonchar. But neighboring Romania has almost full support of its own gas, they import less than 10%. But still they have a gas price higher than us.

The pursuit of cheap gas unjustified. Cheap gas is not made rich one gas producing country. Turkmenistan, for example, is not rich. And the richest country – Norway – has expensive gas. And in your pension Fund it has a trillion dollars accumulated by oil and gas

– explained the expert.

To all, I noticed Gonchar, if gas prices are lower – will receive from increased consumption. Because cheap gas does not stimulate no energy efficiency or frugality.

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Предвыборный трюк: эксперт объяснил, подешевеет ли газ