Elections-2019: who has reached the limit electoral possibilities, and who can suddenly appear allies

Выборы-2019: кто достиг предела электоральных возможностей, а у кого могут внезапно появиться союзники

Today not quite understand the position of the largest financial-industrial groups on the upcoming elections. This is in exclusive comments the online edition Ukraine news – From-UA said economist Vladislav starinets.

According to our interlocutor, today we are witnessing a unique transparency of the election race.

“Error of any of the parties may lead to a change of electoral preferences, even at 30 March,” – the expert does not exclude.

According to the analyst, the intrigue will be kept until the last days of the race.

“Still retain the chances of the 3 main candidates, but there are surprises. For example, the Association of Gritsenko and Garden or the transition of the protest electorate of the South East to Zelensky. It is obvious that the constituency Association Vilkul and Boyko in the South-East today is unlikely. Zelensky today successfully copy the Italian model Bepe Grillo (5 star),” said the starinets.

As for Yulia Tymoshenko, then, according to our interlocutor, it has reached the limit of their electoral possibilities.

“In view of the foregoing, it is difficult to predict the winner of the race. Poroshenko is trying to gather all the Patriotic electorate and to engage the resources of power, however Patriotic niche work today and Gritsenko&Garden, and Tymoshenko Koshulinsky… Maybe at the last moment it can support Vakarchuk. Today not quite understand the position of the largest financial-industrial groups. I think your alliances and public positions they will Shine in March,” adds Vladislav starinets.