Elections in Bavaria: the Merkel bloc is preparing to lose?

Выборы в Баварии: блок Меркель готовится к поражению?

The data of polls published on the eve of parliamentary elections in Bavaria, predict a center-right party “Christian social Union in Bavaria” the worst result for the last 60 years.

CSU and the CDU is a coalition of the block of Angela Merkel. The possible results for the official Berlin sociologists call “shameful.”

Party Alliance loses their constituents, despite the tough stance against immigration policy.

Claiming the mandate of the Deputy of a member of the CSU Manfred Weber believes that “migration issues have become fundamental in the pre-European agenda. We also have a hard time. It seems to me that the duty of politicians today is to offer a solution. This situation can handle. And this applies to the whole of Europe. The decision should be a consensus, I have to take it at the European Council next week. And the sooner we come to an agreement, the less food for speculation we will give populists”.

Christian social Union in Bavaria today supports about a third of voters, for five years, CSU has lost at least 15 % of the supporters. Possible unsuccessful results in the upcoming elections could create problems at the party Congress to be held in November.

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