Elections in Belarus: half of voters voted early

Выборы в Беларуси: половина избирателей проголосовала досрочно

In Belarus, finished voting at the extraordinary parliamentary elections. Polling stations closed at 20:00 Sunday, November 17.

According to official data of the Central election Commission, the turnout was 70,72%. If this is the 36,77% of the voters voted early, from 12 to 16 November. As informs “Belsat”, the leadership of the Belarusian higher educational institutions has forced students to vote early, threatening otherwise to cancel the weekend.

The election was attended by 560 registered candidates-mazhoritarshchik. 110 of them will become deputies of the lower chamber of the National Assembly. Some of the candidates – the nominees of labor collectives, as in the days of the Soviet Union, and political parties. However, no party lists on elections in Belarus has never been.

The candidate receiving the highest number of votes. Elections are considered taken place if in voting participated more than half of the voters of the district included in the lists. In this election you can vote more than 6.5 million citizens.