Elections in the Dnieper river: a major initiative of the Deputy Artem Melnikova

Выборы в Днепре: важные инициативы депутата Артема Хмельникова

The informant continues to summarize the work of the deputies of the city Council of the Dnieper. Today our hero – Artem Hop. A professional lawyer who became the author of a number of decisions of the city Council that changed the lives of the Dnieper beyond recognition. The head of the budget Committee, is able to tell citizens just about the complex. And the Deputy, gripped my attention a few districts.

A young Lawyer Artem Hop in 2015, was elected to the city Council from the party “Samopomich”. Became head of the constant Deputy Commission on budget, Finance and local government. In our opinion, is the most important Commission of the city Council. And that starting in 2017 the budget of the Dnieper were taken in time – a great personal achievement for Artem Melnikova. By the way, he usually says to the media features of the budget process of the Dnieper.

For the cadence, the Deputy called for 149 of the 157 meetings of the Commission (94,9%) and 52 of the 58 plenary sessions of the city Council (89,6%). Voted “for” 10 thousand 214 times, against 49, abstentions 119 times voted 834 times and was absent during 2 thousand 33 votes.

For the term Artem Hop was the author of 18 draft decisions of the city Council. Many of them have significantly changed the life of the city. At the time, public organization “Gromadsky control”, noted Artem Melnikova as the most active MP of the city Council in the preparation of solutions. Let’s look at the most important of them in more detail.

Introduction ProZorro

Artem Hop was introduced ProZorro in the city Council, along with other deputies and public activists. He in 2016 became the initiator of the decision of the city Council “On approval of the Regulations on the application of the system of electronic procurement of goods, works and services in Dnepropetrovsk city Council”. The importance of the introduction of e-procurement to minimize corruption, read here.

Open budget

In 2016, was adopted the program “Open budget” Dnepropetrovsk for 2016-2020″. It was implemented jointly with the Center “EIDOS”. The gist of it is that on the website of the city Council of the Dnieper shown, whereby the budget was formed and what it spent.

The implementation of this programme was the implementation of one of the campaign promises Artem Melnikova. Read more about the program, please click here.


Artem Hop along with other MPs, representatives of departments of the city Council and community activists have developed mm Position on electronic petitions in the river. It is one of the responsible for the implementation of this important tool of direct democracy. On what issues residents of the Dnieper decide with the help of a petitions read here.

Budget participation

Artem Hop was one of the developers of the implementation of Budget participation in the Dnieper river and is one of the responsible for its implementation.

It is a tool of direct democracy. Every citizen has the opportunity to submit your project and receive money for its implementation with adequate support from the community. Often the winners are unusual ideas. For example, a pitch for a Workout, a 3D printer for the professional schools or the piano, meet the highest requirements for music schools. Outside the Budget of participation, many of these special projects wouldn’t have a chance obtain the approval of the city Council and funding from the city budget.

2016 work program “Budget participation” in the river 1172 author filed 1812 projects totaling 678,7 million UAH, In their development, took part more than 20 thousand citizens. The winners were 335 projects totaling $ 93,252 million UAH, from them in July 2020 implemented 223 projects. Projects Budget participation has received more than 200,000 inhabitants of the Dnieper. In 2019, the platform “public project” was visited by more than 305 thousand citizens (a third of the population of the Dnieper).

In 2020, the deputies of the Dnieper the city Council voted for a new Statute on the budget of participation, and extended this initiative to 2025.

Energy modernization of schools and kindergartens and houses of the Dnieper

At the initiative Artem Melnikova in the river implement successful energy efficiency programs. The city Council cares about the comfort of the communal institutions and helps owners of apartment buildings to reduce heat loss. Financing of projects is by lending funds at minimum interest from Ukrainian and European banks.

Today, 10 million euros of credit and a 2.5 million Euro grants attracted to conduct energy heat modernization of 84 budget institutions – schools and kindergartens of the Dnieper. Due to the implementation of the project, the city saves at least 35% of energy costs. Due to these savings, the city will return the funds to the European Bank for reconstruction and development.

Initially the program was intended for the Department of innovative development. But when, on the initiative of the faction “Samopomich” in the city Council created the Department of energy in 2017, the program was canceled. For the Department of “Self-help” has created its own energy efficiency programme, which he successfully failed, and then he was disbanded because of inefficiency.

Corruption scandals within the faction “Self-help” are the reason that Tom of Hop left in her. And by the end of the term came in the status of the extra fractional Deputy.

Support condominium

The program includes the insulation of facades, replacement of Windows, installation of individual heat points, which will regulate the supply of heating in a particular dwelling house. And provides for compensation up to 30% on the body such a loan. Under the program, each year the city Council can cover 3 million parts of condominiums loans to those who will take them in the partner banks for the purchase of necessary goods to improve energy efficiency in the home. In 2020, the deputies adopted a new version of this program, but the amount remains the same. How to “warm credit”, please click here.

The revival of parks

At the initiative of Deputy Artem Melnikova KP “Urban infrastructure” in 2016, received the balance of the Park “Green grove”, Park them. Volodi Dubinina Park Pisarzhevsky. In previously abandoned parks, the reconstruction, had improvement. Park “Green grove” of life-threatening garbage has become a favorite place for recreation of many of Dnipro.

25 October 2018, the Park was opened after reconstruction. To bring it up spent 56,7 million UAH. The Park has strengthened the slope and made three entertaining areas, playroom, quiet and athletic.

Then reconstructed the Park Volodya Dubinin.

The cost of the project is 56 million. In the green zone had to replace lamps and benches, installation of ramps, green maze, to plant new trees and shrubs to build a sports-and playgrounds and a skate Park and the universal field. Part of this is done, however, to realize all our plans have not yet.

In the Park Pisarzhevsky work at the moment. Later KP “Urban infrastructure” plans to engage in the reconstruction of Amur Park.

Work on the district or districts

Artem Hop divided their attention between the three districts: No. 47, Chechelovskoe district (St. Yangelya, novokryms’ke Titova, part of Bogdan Khmelnitsky St.), and No. 38 and No. 41 in the Central. This is a large part of the Fields Ave., Voskresenskaya St., Svyatoslav the Brave, part Sichevskyi the Waterfront, station square and the adjacent streets.

In less than 5 years Artem Hop 70 held a personal reception of citizens, during which the Deputy has addressed more than 2 thousand people and more than 35 meetings in the yards. As a result of communication with the citizens has trained more than 308 Deputy appeals.

For 2016-2020 member of the Hop received 10 million UAH for performance of orders of voters in their districts, as well as redistributed 1 million 255 thousand 848 UAH of financial assistance to citizens.

For the money bought equipment to schools, equipment, medicines and consumables for hospitals, repaired porches and in their Windows, repairing the heating pipes, water supply and sewage, covered the roof. As well as insulate the house, doing them around the pavement, installed playgrounds and much more.

During the quarantine in April Artem Hop said that he was contacted by representatives of osmd his district who were asked to provide machining tools to entrances and elevators, to reduce the possibility of infection by the coronavirus. “We are now with the deputies of the town hall, the mayor, the charitable funds purchased food parcels for needy families, pensioners and other vulnerable segments of the population. Deputies to the people in their districts are purchasing these sets. In addition, certain companies took the initiative to buy medicine or protective masks, disinfectants”, – said the Deputy.

What do the voters

The informant went on to study County Artem Melnikova. And that’s what we saw:

Overall feeling: good and comfortable. Smooth local roads. The yards are beautiful new playgrounds, schools and high-rises pleasing to the eye beautiful bright insulated facades. In the hallways of schools and plastic Windows. Near school No. 128, street Gavrilenko, 4 – a fenced football field. As told to us by the locals, is one of the best soccer fields in the river.

Almost all the locals with whom we have spoken, know that their MP Artem Hop. And every one of our interlocutors had something to thank him: for street lighting, blind area around the houses, drainages, playgrounds and more.

Выборы в Днепре: важные инициативы депутата Артема Хмельникова

Выборы в Днепре: важные инициативы депутата Артема Хмельникова

Выборы в Днепре: важные инициативы депутата Артема Хмельникова

Выборы в Днепре: важные инициативы депутата Артема Хмельникова

Выборы в Днепре: важные инициативы депутата Артема Хмельникова

Выборы в Днепре: важные инициативы депутата Артема Хмельникова

Выборы в Днепре: важные инициативы депутата Артема Хмельникова

Выборы в Днепре: важные инициативы депутата Артема Хмельникова