Elections in Ukraine: how to change the place of voting, or “the Seven circles of hell”

Выборы в Украине: как изменить место голосования, или "Cемь кругов ада"

Queue, the courts, the bureaucracy – those who need to change the polling station in the second round of presidential elections in Ukraine, not envy. And there are more than 5 million Details – DW.

In the second round of the presidential elections in Ukraine will be difficult to vote to about 5 million people. Those persons who do not live at the place of its incorporation. In order to use their right to vote, they themselves need care about changing the polling station. The experience of those who tried to do it before the first round of elections, shows that it is not so simple.

According to the analytical center CEDOS, now more than 3.3 million Ukrainians for one reason or another do not live at the place of registration. Here should be added, and internally displaced persons from Donbass and the Crimea, which, according to official figures, over 1.3 million people. If to take into consideration labour migrants who live and work abroad, the number of those who need to change place of voting before the runoff can increase by half.

Patience and persistence

Among those who have changed precincts, a student of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Jan Konik. She is originally from Drohobych, Lviv region, now studying in Kiev. Used to live in the dormitory, but later rented an apartment. It so happened that out of the Dorm she was discharged in a rented apartment the landlord it does not register and to register at my parents ‘ house, she had not. Therefore, before the first round of selection she had to take care of introducing yourself to the voters list. For this Yana had, in her words, “to pass all seven circles of hell”.

“I first came to the district administration, which was an incredible place. People even recorded in the special list,” says Jana. According to her, the list was 600 want to change the place of voting.

“For a long time stood in the queue, but when I got to the specialist, who took statements, I was denied because I never registered, and was advised to go to court,” continues the girl. She decided to go through this procedure to the end to find the polling station where she will be able to vote. The court, according to her, stretched the process for a few days, but in the end, Jan was included in the voter lists.

But not everyone is as persistent as Jan. According to the Central election Commission (CEC), before the first round of the presidential election 315 of thousands of Ukrainians have successfully changed the polling station. Given that millions of people do not live at the place of residence, it is quite a modest figure. How many people will pass this procedure again, unknown. After all, if before the first round of elections, wishing it was two and a half months to change the place of voting, but now only a few days.

To meet have in a short time

The Minister of justice urges those who are planning to change the polling station. “I appeal to all who do not vote at the place of registration. Before the second round, no later than five days, you will need to apply again to the relevant registration and to confirm your new voting place,” he wrote on Twitter, justice Minister Pavel Petrenko.

Earlier on the website of the State voter register was posted instructions on how to change the place of voting. In particular, the body maintaining the state register of voters, which is usually located in the district administration or the Center of providing administrative services, you must file a statement identifying the station or the address at which the voter wants to vote.

When applying, you must present the passport of citizen of Ukraine, for the military certificate or military card. The application shall be attached the documents confirming the temporary change of voting place: for example, proof of employment, a contract of tenancy, or even a trip to the sanatorium. Voters who are registered in Crimea, or in uncontrolled Kiev areas of Donbass, these additional documents should be presented not need.

This time, however, all complicated by extremely tight deadlines. After all, to change the polling station will be possible only after the official announcement by the CEC of results of the first round.

International observers should be simplified

Criticism on this issue have already been made by the public organization Committee of voters of Ukraine (CVU). “If the announcement of official election results by the CEC will be delayed until April 10, voters will have just five days to change the place of voting. By law, April 15, this process should be completed. It is very small. Given the queue and the complexity, I think that neither internally displaced persons nor the students will not want to stand in queues” – warns the Chairman of the CVU Alexey Purse.

He is convinced that from-for bureaucratic delays the voices of internally displaced persons and those who live not at the place of registration will be lost.

The international observation mission for the presidential elections in Ukraine non-governmental organization CANADEM has already expressed its concern about the difficulties in change of a place of vote before the second round elections, in particular, for immigrants from Donbass.

“Procedure to change the place of voting for immigrants is more than a million people – should be eased”, noted on a press-conferences in Kiev head of mission Lloyd Axworthy. Civil network OPORA propose to introduce a system of electronic applications to change the place of voting.

Meanwhile, Ian’s Horse, which before the second round will again have to repeat the procedure to change the polling station, determined. “I spent three days, a lot of nerves, but did it and voted. Before the second round of elections is fundamentally’ll do it all again – because now such a controversial election situation in the country”, – summed up the girl.


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Выборы в Украине: как изменить место голосования, или "Cемь кругов ада"

Выборы в Украине: как изменить место голосования, или "Cемь кругов ада"

Выборы в Украине: как изменить место голосования, или "Cемь кругов ада"