Elections to the Croatian Parliament: the party of the Prime Minister is in the lead

Выборы в парламент Хорватии: партия премьера пока в лидерах

By results of calculation almost 44% of the votes in the parliamentary elections in Croatia wins the conservative Croatian democratic Union, headed by the Prime Minister of the country Andrey Plenkovich.

According to preliminary results of the Croatian democratic Union gets 68 seats to 151 in Parliament – Sa? Bor.

Second place goes to the center-left coalition “Restart”, led by the Social democratic party – she predicts 42 seats. The third – nationalist “Movement for the Motherland”, which was founded by Croatian singer Miroslav Skoro: it still gets 15 seats.

Six places can also get the coalition “Green-left” and the conservative party “Bridge independent lists”.

The turnout was more than 46%. Just vote could take about 3.8 million people.

As noted by Balkan Insight, opinion polls did not give such an advantage to the Croatian democratic Union, instead pointing to the best result for “Restart”.

Recall: the party fighting for 140 places Sa? Bora. The remaining 11 seats, according to the Constitution of the country guaranteed the ethnic groups (eight) and the Diaspora (three).

Voting took place in accordance with measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus. In particular, members of precinct election commissions was to keep the distance of 1.5 meters from each other and to wear masks. The voters, in addition to wearing masks and gloves, were encouraged to use their hands to vote and disinfect their hands before entering the area.