Electoral step party Medvedchuk is accelerating – Kushnir

Электоральный шаг партии Медведчука ускоряется, - Кушнир

Political analyst Svetlana Kushnir in an interview with NewsOne assessed the ratings of political parties.

“If we talk about the ratings of political parties, we see that literally in early July, the rating of the party of Medvedchuk was 20%, two weeks later, the rating of 21.3%. Before the elections to the Verkhovna Rada remained 12 weeks. If electoral step from this political force will continue to accelerate, the rating of “Oppositional platform For life” will increase by 5-6%. It just says evaluating our constituents the activities of the government. In the last parliamentary elections the party “servant of the people” has gained a tremendous amount of electoral support, now we see that the rating of this political force is just going downhill. All this happens for one simple reason – no economic growth in the country, and on the contrary there is a worsening situation. The issue of tariffs is not removed from the agenda. Zelensky, the President and the party “servant of the people” for this year have not solved the conflict in the Donbas,” – said the analyst.

Earlier it was reported that from 16 to 24 July 2020 in 24 regions of Ukraine Institute of analysis and forecasting was conducted opinion poll on the topic of the upcoming elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. The results of the poll showed that if elections to Parliament were held next Sunday, the Parliament would have passed 4 of the political power. First place went to the party “servant of the people” – 26% of voters; the second – the party of Viktor Medvedchuk “opsi” (21.3 per cent); the third “European solidarity” (12,8%); the fourth – “Fatherland” (9.3 percent).

The expert believes that today actually is the rotation and restart political forces.

“In July party “Voice” said that going into opposition to the current government. There is a rotation of political power. Now companies large requests of political leaders, such as Medvedchuk, who is constantly talking about the influx to our economic and industrial potential of the country. All the time Medvedchuk has sounded the alarm about the increase of tariffs. 1 August, rising prices for electricity for industrial enterprises, in parallel, the formation of gas prices. This means that soon we – the taxpayers and end users of housing and utility payments, feel everything in its pocket of poverty among the population will only grow”, – concluded in the end Svetlana Kushnir.

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