Electric crossover Ford will be possible to drive without hands

Электрический кроссовер Ford можно будет водить без рук

Electric car Mustang Mach E the camera will follow the driver’s attention

Ford intends to offer for its future electric crossover Mustang Mach E advanced auto pilot system that will allow drivers for a long time to let go of the wheel. Feature of the system will be a cabin camera that will monitor the position of the head of the driver and the direction he is facing.

If the system detects that the driver is distracted from the road, it will give a signal to take the helm in his hands. In addition, the autopilot in advance, ask the driver to take control if the automation becomes unable to cope.

Now only General Motors offers the autopilot, which allows to keep hands on the wheel. However, the GM in this process is not involved cabin camera and tracking the road is actually on the conscience of the driver.

In cars, Tesla autopilot which is one of the most advanced, remove hands from the steering wheel for a long time impossible. The machine is ready to perform a number of automatic maneuvers.

Supplies of Ford Mustang Mach E was to begin in late 2020, but the company postponed the launch of the model at the beginning of 2021 due to pandemic coronavirus. While advanced autopilot will work immediately, but only in the third quarter of 2021 after a software update of the electric vehicle.