Electric vehicles Tesla appeared “dog” mode

У электрокаров Tesla появился «собачий» режим

Tesla Motors company has developed for its electric cars a new special mode called Dog Mode. The function is designed for dog owners who will now be able to leave your pet alone in a parked car.

When activated Dog Mode the climate control continues to maintain a comfortable temperature in the cabin. In addition, the system displays the display of the multimedia complex the message: “My master will be back soon. Don’t worry!”. This function is intended to warn passers-by who saw locked in a car dog in hot weather, can call the police or break the glass.

Earlier it was reported that Tesla electric cars will receive a special security mode Sentry Mode, one of the functions of which will be loud playback works “Toccata and Fugue in d minor” by Johann Sebastian Bach during a hijacking attempt. The work will sometimes be reproduced in the metal-processing.

Mode Sentry Mode will be available in beta for electric Tesla Model S, Model 3 and Model X, equipped with a set of semi-automatic control Autopilot 2.5, in the near future. One of the features of the program will be video recording camera system around view of the car.