Electric vehicles will soon receive trailers-powerbank

French startup EP Tender working to develop a trailer-a battery that will allow you to charge your electric car on the go. The estimated power of such a “powerbank” for a vehicle at 60 kilowatts per hour.

The head of a startup Jean-Baptiste Segara notes that the purpose of the startup is to help drivers travelling away from home, reports Electrek.

Thus startup EP Tender tries to solve the problem of the lack of charging stations. At least for now – until their number on the roads are really small. In addition, this gadget will allow you to travel the owners of electric vehicles where these stations are not.

Engineers EP Tender on the example of the popular Renault Zoe electric vehicle with a power reserve of 320 kilometers note that the autonomy of the machine, together with an additional trailer storage doubles.

Электромобили вскоре получат прицепы-павербанки

Электромобили вскоре получат прицепы-павербанки

The Renault Zoe with an additional battery from the EP Tender


Buy an extra battery will be over 11 thousand dollars. In addition, the creators of “powerbank” plan to lease them on routes not equipped with charging stations.

The company representatives said that to modernize the existing models of electric cars for trailers $ 650. The startup is already in talks with Renault, Citroen and Peugeot.

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