Electronic card: type, features, launch date

In the city administration reported that in December launched a test of electronic tickets among the 20 pupils of schools of Kiev. The Director of the Department of information and communication technologies KGGA Yury Nazarov showed how it will look e-ticket student.

It is assumed that the ticket will be provided at the expense of the city budget. Will only need to pay the re-making of the ticket. One feature of student is that it can be used to track the movement of the child.

The form of the ticket

The card design was developed by the team of the project “Agents of change”. First 35 thousand tickets will be made by the end of 2019.

Электронный ученический билет: вид, функции, дата запуска

Электронный ученический билет: вид, функции, дата запуска


Other features of the ticket

By the way, the electronic card will not only travel: the identification card can use the electronic student study with an online diary and tasks. Subsequently, with the help of the students will receive lunch in the dining rooms.

In addition to students, single electronic tickets will make for students. Students eligible for the free and student tickets will allow you to buy travel at a discount of 50%.

When the full launch ticket

The launch of the e-ticket to Kiev transport was moved to 2020, because not agreed on the question of journey of preferential categories of passengers and delayed the adoption of new electronic ticket.

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