Electronic cigarette – the most effective way of quitting Smoking

Электронные сигареты - самый эффективный способ отказа от курения

When you stop Smoking electronic cigarettes is two times more effective compared to nicotinecontaining therapy.

The experiment involved adult smokers who tried to quit Smoking. The first group within three months received nicotinecontaining therapy (gum, patches, lozenges, sprays, inhalers). In the second group were those who received electronic cigarettes.

It was found that 18% of smokers who used electronic cigarettes to abandon the habit, during the year, did not return to Smoking. When using nicotinamidase therapy, this figure was 9.9%. The authors concluded that doctors should recommend electronic system in the treatment of smokers for help.

In addition to performance of Smoking cessation, more and more users of electronic cigarettes reduce Smoking at least in half. Electronic cigarettes were also rated as such, that deliver the highest degree of saturation and satisfaction compared to nicotinecontaining therapy.

According to study author Professor Peter Hajek, the results can help to ensure that services Smoking cessation will be offering starter kits for electronic cigarettes combat addiction. “Ultimately, this may accelerate the reduction of Smoking and reduce the risks of Smoking-related diseases,” commented Dunya Prsol of London’s Queen Mary University, another author of the study.

A similar view was expressed by the British public health body Public Health England. According to the organization, to reduce the level of Smoking within five years, electronic cigarettes should be available “by prescription of physicians” for those smokers who can’t quit independently.

The main argument in favor of alternative products harm reduction by 95% compared with conventional cigarettes. Besides electronic cigarettes, the devices are low risk and the system of heating of tobacco. To them the principle of harm reduction is based on the consumption of nicotine without burning tobacco, it is in the burning process in the body gets the majority of harmful substances, toxic smoke and tar.

Some experts argue that electronic cigarettes, albeit less harmful than conventional, are not completely safe, and their long-term effects on the body requires long-term observations.

However, a recent study of the PHE shows that at least 20 thousand people annually can stop Smoking using electronic delivery systems nicotine. At the moment the doctors can’t give smokers the electronic cigarette, because manufacturers do not have an appropriate license. A similar situation is observed in Ukraine.

To reduce the level of Smoking is necessary to revise the regulation of alternative products at the legislative level, and raise awareness about the properties of products of low risk among the medical community and regular smokers, according to 24tv.ua.